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Privacy Policy

We at genericmedz help our customers bring you to a clear and transparent way of buying medicines online from our portal. We do care for the value of privacy and security of our customers and this is why we bring forth the detailed privacy policy that you must abide by. We have a well-defined customer agreement policy which we have framed on the basis of several aspects.

Information sharing

During the process of buying medicines online through our portal, you will have to provide some of your information. Without this, you will not be able to proceed with the order. We only collect some basic and non-redundant information for you. We help you to save time during ordering medicines by reducing the total amount of time.

  • Accepting cookies is apart from that we leave out to our customers to choose for. It is a decision that you need to make on your own whether you want to accept our cookie policy or not.
  • We provide you with an easy solution for online ordering by accepting our cookie policy and thereby reducing the time during your orders. By allowing us to accept our cookie policy you give us the consent to remember you.
  • This is by way of accepting your information and storing it in our data servers to give you a better and more customized experience when you have to order again. We recommend that you must accept our cookie policy if you are a regular user and frequent buyer of medicines through our portal.

Age criteria and guidelines

  • We do have simple age restriction criteria which do not allow people less than 18 years of age to buy medicines online from our portal. Our age criteria rules state that you need to be above 18 years to make your order.
  • This makes you understand the inherent risks of buying online and preventing misuse of information. Anyone who is found to misinterpret and provide falsified information stands their orders to be canceled and rejected. Our age criteria guidelines also ensure you fill in the right information without having a biased and malicious mindset. 

Safety and anonymity in payments

  • We at genericmedz provide you with a platform where you can ensure safety and anonymity in your payments. Our secured online platform comes with a highly advanced portal for accepting and making payments. Our faster and foolproof technology allows for verifying users and beneficiaries by using multiple means before the final transaction takes place to establish the authenticity of our buyers.
  • Using our payment portal also allows you to buy medicines of various types and ensure that you can choose a payment type depending on your needs and suitability. We recommend you choose a payment type depending on your convenience.


  • Registering on our portal is not mandatory. You do skip the registering part for later means and continue to our website as a guest user where you can check out our multiple medicine products and customer reviews. You will also be able to check out the offers.
  • But if you skip the registration process earlier, before ordering you will need to complete it, or else you will not be able to proceed to the payments and check out section.

Providing reviews and comments

How much you value our website can be dictated by you if you just share a review or a comment sharing your experiences, benefits, and shortfalls where you felt that you deserved a better service. We provide you the option to stay anonymous protecting your identity even when it comes to making comments or sharing your experiences through a detailed review.