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Pain O Soma 350mg

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HAB Pharma


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What Is Pain O Soma 350mg?

Getting a minor mechanical injury is not a big thing today. In this fast-paced environment, almost everybody is running and wanting to reach the office, school, or any place in time. Hence, getting minor physical injuries is quite normal. But many times this minor pain does not goes away quickly and causes disturbance in work or studies. Therefore, using any low-efficiency painkiller will not do in such situations. You need a drug that has a good reputation among doctors and patients. Hence, the use of Pain O Soma 350mg which is a star drug when overcoming pain from muscles is a concern.

Pain O Soma 350mg composition

The composition of any drug is one of the most sensitive aspects. A minor mistake in composition while taking it can cause harmful consequences. In Pain O Soma 350mg the main component is Carisoprodol, which does the main job of easing pain in muscles. The rest other ingredients constitute include minor preservatives and catalysts that influence the functioning of the main ingredient, i.e., Carisoprodol in this case. One who is not comfortable or allergic to Carisoprodol must not take Pain O Soma 350mg as it can cause reactionary side effects.

Manufacturer of Pain O Soma 350mg

The maker of Pain O Soma 350mg is none other than Hab Pharma Pvt Ltd. It is an Indian drug-making company that has its offices in Maharashtra, India. Its products reach more than 30 countries comprising countries both from the developed and developing world. In the medicinal industry, the manufacturer is an important parameter for doctors and patients to use a drug. Hab Pharma has created a loyal customer base due to its high-efficiency drugs that cure the disorder in record time and without the danger of side effects.

Its products are approved by some of the biggest drug regulators across the world such as the FDA, TGA, PMDA, CDSCO, etc.

How to Take Pain O Soma 350mg?

  • Taking Pain O Soma 350 mg is one of the easiest tasks that you would have ever done. The only things needed are pills of Pain O Soma 350 and a glass of water.
  • Swallow the pills of Pain O Soma 350mg and that’s done nothing more. Make sure the water used is not very hot.
  • Only the strength of dosage given in the prescription must be followed. If you want to change it first confirm through the doctor. Taking decisions on your own might land you in trouble.
  • Do not take the drug with any liquid other than water. Using wine, whisky, rum, fruit juice, coffee, tea, etc.

Uses of Pain O Soma 350mg

  • Pain O Soma is primarily used for overcoming the sensation of pain when it becomes unbearable. It can be pain from any cut or injury which have been caused while undertaking a strenuous workout session. This is the reason Pain O Soma is quite popular among athletes and sportspersons.

How does Pain O Soma 350mg work?

Pain O Soma works to suppress pain and stress signals from the affected parts of the body to the brain. Thus, the person does not even know about the pain after taking Pain O Soma 350mg, therefore, relieving the person from pain. The duration for which this relief from pain will last depends on various factors.

Other Alternative Medicine:

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Drug Interactions of Pain O Soma 350mg

With Antidepressant

Extremely hazardous. Can lead to extremely low blood pressure and even coma.

With Alcohol

Highly dangerous. Can cause heart failure.

Side effects of Pain O Soma 350mg?


The patient may feel sleepy and drowsy during the day.

Loss of sensation

In some cases, patients have complained about experiencing numbness. Report the doctor immediately if it becomes too serious.

How to Store Pain O Soma 350mg?

  • The easiest place to store Pain O Soma 350mg is where the temperature lies between 25o and 45o Storing the pills greater or lower than the range might reduce its effectiveness.
  • The tablets of Pain O Soma 350mg are water-soluble hence, they must be kept away from high-humidity areas as too much moisture makes the drug damp. And damp drugs are either useless or less effective.
  • The drug is not a chewable one, hence it must be stored carefully so that it does not break. If broken the drug loses its impact or is worthless.
  • Keep the pills away from direct sunlight as coming in contact with sunlight makes them damp.

Pain O Soma 350mg Reviews

People like to check the reviews of a drug before placing an order to view the feedback of people who have earlier used it. Hence, visit a trusted website like genericmedz to view the reviews. genericmedz posts 100% original reviews, unlike fraudulent websites.


Is Pain O Soma 35 0mg the same as Viagra?

Pain O Soma 350mg and Viagra poles apart. Pain O Soma 350mg is a drug that is used to cure pain in muscles whereas the use of Viagra helps us in getting an erect penis that leads to a good night with a partner. Pain O Soma 350mg is a painkiller whereas Viagra is a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor.

How long does Pain O Soma 350 pills last?

Pain O Soma 350mg helps in easing the stress from your muscles for a considerable long time. Usually, the pain does not reappear again after taking Pain O Soma unless you get injured again. But do not consider this duration as a cent percent exact. It all depends on multiple factors such as the food you eat, what you drink, how strictly you follow the prescription etc.

Can you buy Pain O Soma 350mg online?

Surely, you can buy Pain O Soma 350mg online. Visit the official website of genericmedz, and get the drug by placing the order. But first, you must upload the prescription on the website, and only after verification, you must proceed to the next step.

How does this Pain O Soma 350mg work?

by preventing the messages from the respective organ to reach the brain. We all know that signals are transferred to the nervous systems regarding any feeling or sensation which we experience. Hence when the signals of pain are restricted from entering the brain, we do not feel any sensation about it.

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  1. Vital Ysav

    Pain O Soma 350mg medicine is a great relief for back pain and is very beneficial for back pain. Genericmedz provides very fast delivery and good service.

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