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About Us

Clothes that mean business
  • We at genericmedz provide you with a complete solution-based platform that can help you to buy medicines hassle-free. We are one of the best-selling medicine portals in India that provide medicines online via our platform.
  • On our website, you can buy pills for curbing various types of disorders. our website provides you with a complete solution for buying medicines online from one place. We provide you with the option to buy various types of pills that includes a mix of prescription and generic pills that you can buy.
  • We are one of the authentic portals and all our medicines that you can get belong to both the prescription list category and are FDA-approved prescription pills or generic drugs.

Getting a wide array of medicines

  • We provide you with a website that you can use and complete all your shopping needs for medicines from one place. With a view in mind to make medicines more accessible to the whole world, we decided to start our website and provide listed medicines.
  • We do this solely being based as an online agent for buying the medicines. We have existing contracts with pharmaceutical companies that will help you in buying medicines. You have access to a wide range of medicines when you visit our portal.
  • When you come to our website we offer you an integrated search engine for searching for a specific brand name or dose of medicine that you want.   Or else you can check out all types of medicines that we have given any particular disorder.
  • Using our medicine portal online we sell directly to customers.  From curing various disorders such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, asthma, hypothyroidism, obesity, neural pain, musculoskeletal pain, and a wide range of bacterial, viral, and fungal disorders we have a range of medicines.

Providing you with a safe place to buy online

  • We provide you with an online website that is fully secured for you to share your details or to make a payment. We have a highly secured portal that you can buy the medicines from without having to worry about security.
  • We provide the best customer authentication process with non-redundant data such that you do not have to provide any added information.
  • You can come to our portal online and check out the entire buying process. Many users have already trusted us for the safety and security of the parameters that we bring for online shopping to your table. We have already completed several thousand orders.
  • Customers have regularly come to our portal and reviewed the tight security with multiple level authentication and verification during each stage of customer transaction to make you feel safe.

We provide the best portal selling a range of authentic generic medicines

  • If you wish to buy generic medicines you can always come and approach us for buying pills. Visit our website and you will be able to buy a range of generic brand versions. You thus have plenty of generic options of medicines for curing various disorders available only on our portal.
  • As with any medicine, we check for the authenticity of the brand and the label. Our group of testing experts will ensure the best possible logistics and storage conditions to ensure the basic functionalities of the medicine and such that they reach you within their expiry dates.
  • Affordability is also the key to why we have been able to cement our place online. You can come to our portal if you are searching for the best deals on generic medicines.
  • Genericmedz is simply your one-stop solution online for buying medicines of the generic type for a range of disorders.

Our great attribute is our faster delivery

  • One of our strongest pillars has always been our strong logistical supply chain which makes us able to ship products right to our customer’s doorstep within 48 hours.
  • Although depending on your address your shipping time may change but we always value your order and ensure that the medicines reach you as fast as possible. Even for international deliveries we try and deliver the medicines in about a week within an average of 10 days.

Specialist team to ensure right conditions for medicines

Another one of our strongest attributes that make us so special is our team of medical experts. You will be able to buy medicines from our portal that are well within their expiry zones thanks to our special team of doctors and medical experts who will make use of all their expertise to conduct sample tests on the medicines to endure their functionality and the right course of action. Even they are there constantly check and evaluate the existing stock to see if they are within their expiry dates or else we return them to the manufacturing parent company.