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Drug policy

  • We have a clear-cut and well-defined drug policy that is for the customers to check and read before they make an order. We recommend that you check out our drug policy before making any orders.  At Genericmedz you can get a 100% commitment from our end that we will provide you with authentic medicines only.
  • All our medicines are approved by the FDA and well sell only FDA-approved medicines. most of the medicines also require you with uploading a prescription of the doctor to be uploaded on our portal before you can proceed with the final check out of your order.

All medicines are of the highest standards and quality

  • We sell the best medicines only. All the brands that you see on our portal are manufactured by the top pharmaceutical companies whom we work with as online partners.
  • We provide you with the best medicines to be bought from at the best prices which serve as the best deal. You can be ensured that the medicines purchased from our portal are true to their dose and composition. All the medicine brands that sell on our portal also have got multiple reviews from different patient groups. So you may like to check out the reviews to get encouraged on buying medicines from our portal.
  • We have existing contracts with pharmaceuti9cal companies to sell different brands of medicines curated just for you.

We sell multiple brands of medicines for curing one disorder

  • For curing each type of disorder you get access to so many different types of brands. You can buy the medicines from us depending on whichever brand the doctors have recommended to you for use.
  • We recommend that you speak with your doctors to confirm the brand and dose which you want to use and we are sure that you will find the same dose and brand at our portal.
  • Whether it comes to buying an FDA-approved brand or a prescription pill you can buy it all from our portal. With multiple drug preferences now you can get to choose the same brand for curing a host of disorders all done from the same online place at

We provide an online platform for a hassle-free shopping

  • The best part about Genericmedz is that here you get an online platform where you can be able to buy medicines in a hassle-free way.
  • The first part is that for buying medicines we make your choices easier as you can always find a variety of listed drugs from us. our range of medicines will be different some of them being prescription pills while the other ones being generic medicines. For making the shopping experience further pleasureful for our customers we provide you with an online portal where you can do a lot of medicine purchases and fulfill all your demands for a family all in one place.

Have a query about our drugs? Speak with our executives on the helpline

If you have any drug-related queries for any of the medicine brands then you can always get in touch with our telecallers and speak with our executives over the phone who will help you to know the exact brand and dose composition keeping in line with what has been recommended by the doctors on your uploaded prescription.

Best places for shopping generic drugs

Genericmedz is one of the best online places to shop for a range of medicines. at the end of the day, we have several listed varieties of generic potions available on our websites. You can always come and choose one out of them to be able to make your choices simplified.