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Duvanta 40 Mg


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Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd


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6 To 15 days

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What is Duvanta 40 mg?

Duvanta 40 mg is a pill that benefits both patients suffering from neuropathic pain and the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Using this pill benefits patient as a temporary relieving agent that will enable them to bring up a normal life.

Duvanta 40 mg may be a generic pill but due to its immense effectiveness, the drug is being used in distant countries apart from India such as in the USA or Europe.

Duvanta 40 is a prescription pill as its generic substance in the pill that is Duloxetine. The acting process of the medicine involves reducing the action of the reuptake of two hormones in your brain that is serotonin and norepinephrine.

What Is Duvanta 40mg used for?

Duvanta 40mg is a tablet that is used for curing depression and anxiety. For the patients to find out any major changes in the relief from these psychological disorders it may take some time such as a week or more than that.

But generally, even the smallest of changes can be noticed just after a few days of regular intake of the medicine. Along with this for curing neural pain the effects are instant but the action of the benefits only lasts for a couple of hours.


Intas Pharmaceuticals ltd. in India right now hold the right to use the brand name for manufacturing and other processes. The company is getting orders from overseas to transport the Duvanta 40mg medicine to other countries such as Australia or the USA.

Intas is also present across a whole of other diagnostic medicine manufacturing. The company has a wide product portfolio comprising both prescription medicines & common ones.


The composition of the Duvanta 40 mg pills is made of a single element only and that is the substance Duloxetine. Due to the actions of this generic element, the patient will be able to relieve themselves of the symptoms of depression and anxiety or even the pain felt due to fibromyalgia disorder.

This is an effectively neuro CNS medicine since the effects of the medicine are surely going to take over and act on the brain.

How to take Duvanta 40mg

During your intake process that is concluded along with water, you need to swallow the whole pill without letting it chew or crush.

Your time for daily dose intake should be fixed which provides you with consistent benefits each day and even at the same time as well. Alcohol or the intake of cocaine and other drugs can diminish the action of the pills.

Working of Duvanta 40 mg

  • From the point, you take Duvanta 40mg dose to the point you start realizing the effects of the pill it may take some time. Generally, this time duration is known to be the turnaround time for the pills and this is around 45 minutes to an hour.
  • But on the activation of Duloxetine, the reuptake capability of the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine hormones will subside. Not being used up means that now gradually the levels of these two hormones in your brain will be increasing and due to this patients may begin to feel the symptoms of curing nerve pain and the relief from the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Duvanta 40mg dosage

  • Duvanta 40 mg dose is prescribed to patients by a doctor. Duvanta 40mg dosage is generally taken in when patients find the symptoms of anxiety and depression or the feelings of nerve pain beginning to occur.
  • Remember that release of Duloxetine after pill intake and subsequently, its actions can take some time. So you need to take the pills sometime before and form a habit of taking the pills at the same time.
  • Duvanta 40mg is moderate to slightly high dose. It is generally approved for a patient who is not having the desired effects after taking the smaller doses of the pill. The dose of 40mg should be enough for you to last for about the whole day.
  • Generally, Duvanta 40 mg dose continuation can go for a few weeks or about a month only but not more than that since it is not good for your health.

Various strengths of Duvanta


Duvanta 40 mg overdose may occur easily in patients who need smaller variants of generic Duloxetine dose such as the 10mg or the 20mg dose. Generally, the Duvanta 40 mg medication may come in suitable only for patients with a mildly severe variant of any above-given disorders.

Miss dose

Do not miss out on a dose. If you miss taking your doses then it may result in diminishing effects of the pills. Also, after missing out on your pill do not double up on the next pill.

When should you avoid taking Duvanta 40mg

Any patient should not take Duvanta 40mg knowingly because he or she is allergic to its generic composite element that is Duloxetine. Apart from this patients also need to stop continuing with their dose if they see any severe side effects creeping in regularly.

Duvanta 40 mg Side Effects

  • Duvanta 40 mg can also have side effects occurring alongside if a deviation occurs from the prescription dose. Of course one of the biggest problems is taking an overdose which surely brings in side effects. Doubling your dose can also bring in side effects.
  • Here are the side effects patients repeatedly suffer from-
  • Headache, dizziness, nausea, sleepiness, drowsiness, and dry mouth.
  • Remember that the side effects may occur during the first few days of your course but generally if they keep on occurring for more than a week approach a doctor and find out the cause.

Duvanta 40mg reviews

Duvanta 40 mg reviews are available across Multifarious websites on the internet. Visit any website to check out the experiences shared by the patients. But coming to a summary of the patient’s experiences has mostly been positive and effective, to say the least.

Most patients have been consistently able to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression or nerve pain at least during the active time for the pills.


Duvanta 40 mg dose is for those patients who either have psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety or else nerve pain generating out of diabetes or general disease of nerves.


How long does a dose of Duvanta 40mg remain active?

The total time for which a single pill can be active is around 20 to 24 hours. The half-life of Duloxetine 40mg is around 12 hours

Is there any FDA-approved brand for generic Duvanta 40 mg?

Cymbalta is the FDA-approved medicine you can buy in the USA. But generic Duloxetine has also several other trade names along with generic variants that are selling across the world in multiple countries such as the UK.

What are some precautions that you must follow with a dose of any Sildenafil brand?

When patients use the drug they inevitably have to follow certain guidelines. After going through rounds of discussion and checking your health condition the doctors may recommend you several guidelines to follow. In general, avoid its overuse, avoid taking in alcohol or other side effect causing medicine and avoid using the medicine for too long time.

How to order?

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