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Zopicon 7.5mg


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Overview of Zopicon 7.5mg

If you are wake up regularly several times during the night and experience difficulty in falling asleep even hours after laying on the bed. If the answer is yes, then you are suffering from a psychological disorder known as insomnia. Successive damages to the sleep cycle, high levels of stress, trauma and other reasons lead to insomnia. But one can heal the damage to sleep and sleep peacefully by taking Zopicon 7.5mg under the supervision of the doctor.

What Is Zopicon 7.5 Tablet?

Zopicon 7.5 is a tablet that is a prescription based hence, for best results and safety from side effects follow each and every instruction of the prescription. Doctors prescribe the tablets be taken with water only i.e, water-soluble. Taking the tablets with alcoholic drinks, juices or such drinks must be avoided. In case of any conflict refer to the doctor only.


The maker of Zopicon 7.5 is none other than Intas Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. It is an Indian Drug making company that has been making drugs for decades. Its products are the first choice of doctors and patients due to their high efficiency and safe drugs. Its products belong to the categories of antibiotics, anti-depressants, anti-cancer, weight loss, sexual wellness, painkillers etc.


The main or active ingredient of Zopicon 7.5 is Zopiclone which accounts for almost 100% of the total composition. Doctors examine the patient’s sleep cycle, addictions, food habits, allergies, infections and many more parameters before prescribing the drug

Working of Zopicon 7.5 pill

During insomnia, the person cannot fall asleep easily after laying on the bed. Sometimes such people stay awake for the whole night and only fall asleep almost in the morning. This is treated by healing the sleep cycle and reviving the original sleep cycle of sleeping at night and remaining awake during the day. It belongs to the category of drugs known as nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic and shows its hypnotic effects. The drug reduces stress levels and blood pressure to provided a favourable situation for the brain to enter sleep mode.

How To Take Zopicon 7.5 Tablet

  • Swallow the tablets with a glass of water at normal temperature.
  • The tablets are swallowable hence, do not chew, break or crush the tablets during consumption.
  • The tablets must not be taken after a heavy meal as it reduces the impact of the drug. Hence it will lead to partial recovery from insomnia and its symptoms might reappear again.

Precaution Taking Before Zopicon 7.5

  • The most important precaution one should consider before taking Zopicon 7.5 is to abide by each and every instruction in the prescription.
  • Do not go against the prescription in any case. In such conflicting situations consult the doctor.
  • Tell the doctor your past disorders, allergies, infections, food habits, sleep cycle, stress levels or any aspect related to health.

Benefits of Using Zopicon 7.5

Treat Insomnia

Zopicon 7.5 when taken under the strict supervision of the doctor helps the patient fall asleep uninterruptedly. The sleep cycle is thus restored and the person again sleeps in normal durations at night.

Dosage Of Zopicon 7.5 Missed Dose

Over Dose

Overdose is the situation where patients take excess drugs hence, it is a clear violation of the prescription. This is why doctors always advise patients to follow the prescription strictly. For safety from side effects, one must be taken to the doctor immediately.

Miss Dose

If you have missed the dose of Zopicon 7.5 then try to take it as soon as possible. But if the next dose is not far away then skip the missed dose and wait to take the next dose. But do not compensate for the missed dose by taking excess tablets during the next dose.

Avoid To Take Zopicon 7.5 Tablet

  • Zopicon 7.5 must not be taken unless prescribed by the doctor. Do not consume the drug without the doctor’s approval.
  • Do not take the drug if you are allergic to the active ingredient i.e., Zopiclone. In this case, the doctor will most likely prescribe you some other insomnia curing tablet to which you are not allergic.

Side Effects of Zopicon 7.5mg

High-stress levels

Patients with insomnia might experience stress and tense mental condition after taking Zopicon 7.5. These are minor side effects that do not need medical attention.

Poor sex life

Sometimes taking Zopicon 7.5mg can cause temporary problems in sexual satisfaction causing Erectile Dysfunction or premature ejaculation. These are minor reactions by the body when a new drug is introduced. After a few doses, the body gets habituated to the drug and the side effects cease.

Storage of Zopicon 7.5 mg

  • Zopicon 7.5 is an ordinary drug that can be stored between 20oC to 40o Avoid storing the tablets in extreme temperatures.
  • Do not store Zopicon 7.5mg in warehouses or rooms that have high levels of humidity. Too much moisture content in the atmosphere damps the tablet.
  • The drug must not be stored in places where sunlight directly falls on them.

Zopicon 7.5 Review

Zopicon 7.5 is supremely effective in reviving the sleep cycle and giving people sound sleep. But all these benefits will take place only if you follow each and every instruction given in the prescription. If your dose has been completed then wait for the doctor to decide whether to extend the dose or not.


Zopicon 7.5 is an out and out sleeping pill that helps people fall asleep easily. It is not a local generic drug but cent per cent branded and certified by worldwide recognized agencies. As patients, our only job is to stick to the prescription and make changes to it only when the doctor says so.


Is Zopicon 7.5mg approved by FDA?

Zopicon 7.5 is approved by drug agencies located across the globe such as FDA, PMDA, TGA, CDCSO and various other drug regulating agencies.

Can we take Zopicon 7.5 with alcohol?

The Zopicon 7.5 has hypnotic features that make the person go to sleep. If taken with alcohol this hypnotic effect may get intensified making the person go to deep sleep.

Can a kidney patient take Zopicon 7.5?

Kidney, liver and heart patients must not take Zopicon 7.5 due to higher chances of fatal side effects. Some of the side effects can even be life-threatening.

Is Zopicon 7.5 effective in curing Insomnia?

Whether Zopicon 7.5 is effective in curing Insomnia or not can be proved from the reviews on genericmedz. You can also show post your reviews but for that order the drug.

Where to buy Zopicon 7.5mg from?

One can buy Zopicon 7.5 from any authorized medical store or from online sites like genericmedz which is the best online platform for ordering medicines currently.

Can I take Zopicon 7.5mg if suffering from depression?

Well, it all depends on the doctor. If after examing the patient thoroughly the doctor prescribes Zopicon 7.5 then take it without worries.


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