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Azee DT 100 Mg


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Cipla Limited


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100 Mg

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Overview of Azee DT 100 Mg:

Azee DT 100 Mg is an antibiotic medicine that is generally administered to children. It is a medicine that can help you to provide a curative benefit to various types of bacterial infections and diseases that have various target sites on your body.

Some of the organs where bacterial infections will get cured of using the Azee DT 100 pill include eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs, skin, intestinal tract, stomach, etc.

Azee DT 100 will work by enabling the stoppage in the reproduction capabilities of the bacteria. And then it will induce a series of changes to bring forth a hostile condition such that the bacteria unable to reproduce eventually get wiped out.

Whether you take the medicines with or without food is not a matter of concern. but doctors will generally ask you to provide this medicine to your children early in the morning.

What Is Azee DT 100mg Tablet?

The Azee DT 100mg tablet is an antibiotic. Thus it helps in relieving various bacterial infections and diseases. it contains a general antibiotic ingredient in it that is Azithromycin. The amount of this generic substance is at par with the total amount of dose since it is the only generic substance in the ingredient list.

It is a prescription medicine so in case you have to administer it to your child you will have to approach your child the doctor.,

Doctors will first diagnose and identify the type of severity level of the bacterial based on which they are going to recommend using the Azee DT 100 or any other dosage.


Cipla Ltd. is one of the highly entrusted medicine and pharma research companies in India.

The manufacturing company is not only enlisted to perform manufacturing operations but has all responsibilities of the other duties and tasks that include sales, distribution, exports, marketing, and branding.

The company has an immensely wide product portfolio. It sells its medicines including the Azee DT to many other parts of the world including its domestic market in India.


Azee DT 100 is a medicine that has a generic ingredient of Azithromycin. It is the composition substance that has an amount of 100mg within each pill. Being present in the small amount of dose the medicine is ideal for administering within children. It belongs to the Macrolides group of action class of pills.

How To Take Azee DT 100 Tablet:

As Azee DT 100mg is administered in the children the medicine comes in a dissolving form. so to take the medicine or administer it to your children you will have to first take half a glass of water.

Then put a single pill in it. Now allow the medicine to fizzle out and let it rest for a few minutes for complete dissolving. Stir to make a solution and then administer it to your children.

Working of Azee DT 100 Mg:

  • Azee DT 100 is an antibiotic dose that begins to release the general antibiotic substance within the pills which is Azithromycin. This is the substance that when taken in daily is regular dose will cater for curing the bacterial disease
  • When Azithromycin works it will first disable the bacteria to reproduce further. Thus it will effectively be able to stop it from replicating itself and prevent the infection from growing further.
  • And then it will begin hampering the manufacturing of certain protein that is essential for the metabolic processes of the bacteria. This is how it can cure bacterial infections.

Benefits of Using Azee DT 100mg:

Azee DT 100mg when taken in regular doses can fully bring you a cure from the bacterial disease. It may take a few days but since you are using an efficient dose it will help you to find complete relief.

Along with this, it comes in a solution-type form. Azee DT 100mg is a self-dissolving pill in water. Thus it is easier to administer the dose to your children.

Dosage Of Azee DT 100mg:

Doctors generally recommend you to take a single dose of the medicine. it is ideal for you to take the medicine on an empty stomach in the morning although you can have your daily pill at any given time of the day.

you can have it after having your meals as well but it may result in reduced efficacy of the pills. Sometimes, for curing typhoid the doctors may ask you to administer two doses with equal time gaps. Azee DT 100 other dosages are Azee 500 Mg and Azee 1000 Mg.


Azee DT 100’s overdose can bring in problems. an excessive amount of generic substance Azithromycin is never good for your child’s health as this may bring on various side effects.

Miss Dose:

Do not miss a dose. Remember that generic Azithromycin is such a substance that can only work at its peak when you keep having regular doses at equal time intervals.

Avoid To Take Azee DT 100mg:

Do not take the Azee DT 100 if the doctors advise you to. It could be that you have experienced any major side effects or your body does not cope very well with the generic dose because of its contraindication and side effect upbringing capabilities.

Side Effects of Azee DT 100 Mg:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Stomach problems
  • Gastrointestinal disorders

Most of these side effects will generally go away but some may remain and generally be repetitive.

Precaution Taking Before Azee DT 100mg:

  • One of the basic precautions that you have to ensure is to not allow overdose. As we will see overdose may bring about some of the side effects of using the medicine.
  • You need to mention whether your children are having any other type of antibiotic medicine dose right now. also information about your children’s health and whether they have any liver or kidney disorder.

Storage of Azee DT 100 Mg:

Azee DT 100 needs a storage place of climatic conditions that include less humidity, no direct sunlight, and a temperature less than 30 degrees Celsius.

Azee DT 100 Mg Review:

Azee DT 100mg reviews provide you with the idea that the medicine has been equally effective. You can find the medicine to be used for a temporary purpose only.


Azee DT 100 mg is a general antibiotic ingredient providing a cure for many bacterial disorders and infections. Take it only when the doctors advise you to.


Where can I buy it?

To buy the pills of Azee DT 100mg proceed to a local medicine shop. If you wish then you can also check out websites that are providing you with an alternative.

What are the other doses?

Azee DT 100mg has several other doses. but that will depend on what amount of generic Azithromycin is safe for you to take based on the exact type of bacterial disorder.

What is the generic substance of the Azee DT 100?

Azee DT 100 has Azithromycin in it. It is from the macrolides group of action class pills.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Driving a car is generally safe. No contraindicating side effects or warning symptoms have been observed for the patient.

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

Yes, sometimes topping intake of the doses can cause withdrawal effects, to get rid of it you must take your pills and reduce them gradually.

Can the medicine be used for curing bacterial infections totally?

Yes, it provides you with the right type of bacterial cure. It takes only a few days to enable you to this stage.


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