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Azeetop 100 DT


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Healing Pharma, India


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Overview of Azeetop 100 DT

Azeetop 100 DT is a medicine to provide you with the effects of curing various types of bacterial disorders and infections. With generic Azithromycin in it which is a strong antibiotic substance, the medicine can prove its mettle against various types of bacterial diseases that occur on various target sites on your body such as the nose, skin, eyes, ears, throat, stomach, intestines, lungs and others.

Doctors will generally recommend this dose for children. It is because with such a small dose it is generally ineffective against humans.

To use the medicine you must find out about what the doctors have to say regarding the use of the medicines and their dosage.

What Is Azeetop 100 DT Tablet?

Azeetop 100 DT is an antibiotic medicine. it comes in the dispersible mode of medicines. thus you need to make a solution to take the pills. the prime benefit of using this medicine is that it can cure various types of bacterial disorders on its own.

The generic substance that you find in the pills is Azithromycin is a strong antibiotic substance that is effective in curing various types of bacteria. The medicinal substance works by first disallowing the bacterial infection to grow any further and then eventually killing them by providing a hostile condition.


Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the well-known drug and pharmaceutical research firms in India. The company owns the brand of Azeetop 100 DT and other various types of medicines that are curated for curing various types of bacterial medications. you must use the medicines after confirming the doctors even though the terms of use may be given in the back leaf of the medicine sachet.


The prime substance that is to provide you with a cure from bacterial is the substance Azithromycin. It is the substance that5 can help you cater to a complete cure. It may need around one week of cure to help you find a cure from the disorder but it is indeed good.

How To Take Azeetop 100 DT Tablet

The Azeetop 100 DT tablet is generally administered to children. You will find that this is a dispersible mode of a tablet. What this essentially means is that to administer a regular dose to your children you will have to make a solution of the pill. for this take half a glass of water and then drop the pill in it. Do not use more than one pill for a single administration. Let it fizzle and dissolve completely. Stir it and then administer the solution to your children.

Working of Azeetop 100 DT

Azeetop 100 DT when taken in will first ensure the release of its generic substance Azithromycin that will carry out all the major changes. Within a few minutes since release, the substance will begin to carry out its mode of operation creating a block on the spread of the bacteria. When this happens, it begins to hamper the synthesis of some essential proteins that are found in the bacteria and are necessary to carry out some metabolic actions.

Being unable to reproduce and on top of that not being able to carry out their metabolic processes the bacteria will eventually die.

Benefits of Using Azeetop 100 DT

Azeetop 100 DT is a dispersible type of medicine. you need to take it in the form of a solution made in water as the becomes easier for you to administer the dose to your children.

Azeetop 100 DT is also easily accessible in any medicine shop or even in most of the reputed online pharmacies.

Dosage Of Azeetop 100 DT

Azeetop 100 DT is generally prescribed by doctors as a single dose use medicine for one day. it is also best that you take your medicine in the morning time in an empty stomach before having a meal.

But sometimes in the case of some bacterial diseases such as typhoid, the doctors may ask you to have up to three medicines per day depending on the dose suitability for your children. other various dosage is Azeetop 100 Mg and Azeetop 250 Mg.


Azeetop 100 DT overdose may cause side effects. if the amount of generic Azithromycin is more than what your body can cope up to that is the time when the ill effects are bound to happen.

Miss Dose

If you miss out on a dose of Azeetop 100 DT then the falling and abrupt changing levels of Azithromycin your body may not be able to curate the bacterial infection within a stipulated amount of time.

Avoid To Take Azeetop 100 DT

Doctors may not recommend your children to use Azeetop 100 DT if they are already undergoing any other strong antibiotic dose. In other cases, they may also bar you to use this medicinal brand if they find out about allergic tendencies.

Side Effects of Azeetop 100 DT

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Pungent taste in the mouth
  • Dry mouth
  • Fever
  • Restlessness

Precaution Taking Before Azeetop 100 DT

  • Azeetop 100 DT is a medicine that you need to maintain some precautions with. Remember that overuse can create side effects. do not administer a single pill for one-time administration. In case of severe typhoid, doctors may ask you with three dose courses to be taken in with equal time gaps.
  • We also recommend stating about your children’s overall health and whether they are currently on any other antibiotic dose.
  • You also need to inform your doctors if your child is having some sort of liver or kidney malfunction.

Storage of Azeetop 100 DT

The ideal storage conditions for storing Azeetop 100 DT pills should be less than 30 degrees Celsius with minor humidity. Do not let the medicine come under direct exposure to sunlight.

Azeetop 100 DT Review

Azeetop 100 DT is a dose that seems to be quite effective in curing various types of bacterial infections in children. It does not take more than a week or 10 days at max to help you cure even the most severe forms of certain bacterial infections.


Azeetop 100 DT is an antibacterial medicine curing some bacterial infections. It is a dispersible mode of a tablet.


Where can I buy it?

Azeetop 100 DT is one of the most commonly available pills. Thus you should be able to buy this pill from any local medicine shop or even an online website Check out the deals to find out the best discounts.

What are the other doses?

Azeetop 100 DT has other doses Azeetop 250 and Azeetop 500 too. but this dose is suitable for use in children.

What is the generic substance of the Azeetop 100 DT?

Azeetop 100 DT contains an equivalent dose of generic substance Azithromycin in it. It is the medicine to bring you up with strong antibiotic effects to help you find a cure for bacterial disorders.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Generally driving a car is safe. No side effects will hamper driving capabilities.

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

Yes, suddenly stopping the intake of the dose can let the withdrawal symptoms creep in. gradually reduce your dose to stop it eventually.

Can the drug be used for curing bacterial infections completely?

Yes, the medicine can bring up a complete bacterial infection cure within a few is one of the best antibiotic medicines with doses for both adults and children available.


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