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Azee 500 Mg


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What is Azee 500 mg

Azee 500 Mg is an antibacterial medicine that has multipurpose use. It is a medicine to let begin the healing process for a wide variety of bacterial infections and disorders. Azee 500 is a medicine that you will use only if the doctors recommend that you have a suitable bacterial infection that the medicine can cure.

Remember that this medicine is not for use in case of viral infections.

One of the good sides of using this medicine is its prescription can be done for adults as well as for those less than 18. Bacterial infections occurring in various parts of the body such as the eyes, ears, nose, esophagus, respiratory tract, lungs, and other disorders are curable using the process.

What Is Azee 500mg used for?

Azee 500mg is medicine acting as an antibacterial agent. Its viability in terms of its use comes from its wide range of infection-curing abilities. It is from the macrolides group of medicines and belongs to those pills that have anti-infective nature.

Using the medicine Azee 500 mg in the US will provide you with a total cure. But you must use the medicine in strict doses within an existing timeline.


Cipla Ltd. is one of the large Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers that have the ownership of the brand name Azee 500 mg. The medicine and its composition have been designed by the drug formulation team in the company.

Right now it is one of the most selling drugs not only in India which is its country of origin but also in distant countries across continents such as the USA.


Azee 500 USA has the composition of Azithromycin in it. it is the same as that of FDA-approved Zithromax. Element Azithromycin has many brands one of whom is Azee 500mg pill. it is a composition that provides instant relief to a wide range of patients all of them suffering from various types of bacterial infections.

Remember that it may take few time for the dose to be in impact. But once the effects do come in you are soon to get a complete cure within a few days or weeks of using this medicine daily depending on your suitability.

How to take Azee 500 mg

It is good for only a regular dosage timeline. Patients will have to take a single dose once per day or in line with what the doctors believe is right for them. You can go about taking your medicine before having your meals or even after having a meal. But if you choose to take your meals first give a time gap of 30 minutes for this drug to come into effect faster.

Working of Azee 500 mg

Azee 500 mg is an antibacterial agent that works to kill the bacteria’s internal metabolic processes. This all occurs when due to the effects of generic Azithromycin the bacteria are not able to manufacture some of the essential proteins and chemicals that are necessary to undertake the metabolic process. Due to this, a hostile condition would work out in the bacteria and eventually it dies.

Azee dosage

When you check out the Azee 500mg dosage you will find that the whole 500mg of weight is taken up by its single manufacturing element which is Azithromycin.

When you relate to the effectiveness of this dose it is a medium variant dose. Ideally, it is effective both for adults and but for children, this can be a high dose.

Azee is a brand that further on has higher doses such as the Azee DT 100 or the highest dose which is the Azee 1000mg.

Azee 500mg dosage

Azee 500 mg dosage represents 500mg of generic Azithromycin. This amount of dose for a patient can provide an effect for around 6 to 8 hours.

The Azee 500 mg dose is suitable for use in children not less than 12 years for a severe bacterial infection or a disease whereas in adults this medicine is good for a medium to mild severity level.


It can be likely that the 500mg dose of Azee Australia proves to be more than what you need because your body is simply not able to deal with such a high dose. Surely it can form an overdose in most children so we advise patients to take precautions during their daily dose intake.

Miss dose

Missing out on your daily doses can cause to be a problem because then the bacteria may be grown immune to the antibacterial effects of the drug and eventually you may need a longer time for a cure or maybe no cure is possible at all.

When should you avoid taking Azee 500 mg

Azee 500mg is an antibacterial medicine that is most suitable for all patients barring a few. A few of these left-out patients may be allergic to using the generic substance Azithromycin and hence be suffering from side effects on use each time.

Along with this sometimes people might be more suitable for another brand and hence using the Azee 500mg may not provide desirable effects.

Azee 500 mg Side Effects

  • Generally, the side effects of the medicine are never severe or to say life-threatening. But sometimes even the mild and not-so-deadly symptoms can occur at an extreme level and cause much discomfort for the patients.
  • If you are experiencing side effects whether it is low or mild you need to go and speak with your doctor although you may avoid skipping doses. Side effects mostly include headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and dry mouth.

Azee 500 mg reviews

Patients who have used the medicine have come out with Azee 500mg reviews on many online medicine websites.

For getting firsthand knowledge you may check out these reviews but one thing that you will mostly find is a satisfactory use and experience with the use of medicine. Its effects and viability on patients have taken them to be normal and healthy beings again.


Azee 500mg is a generic variant of antibacterial having the power to cure many bacterial infections.


How long does a dose of Azithromycin remain active?

Generally, you may have effects for 6 to 8 hours.

Is there any FDA-approved brand for generic Azithromycin?

Zithromax and Azithrocin are some of the FDA-approved trade names for generic Azithromycin.

What are some precautions that you must follow with a dose of any Azithromycin brand?

Even though there are no vicious side effects of this medicine you still need to ensure proper care by avoiding an overdose or undue alcohol intake.

How to order?

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