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Duxel 30 Mg


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Tripada Healthcare Pvt Ltd


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What is Duxel 30 Mg?

Duxel 30 mg an oral medication can come in handy for patients suffering from anxiety and depression. But rather than being just an anti-depressant or an anti-anxiety pill, this pill has got more functions to it. it can also come into play for relieving the patients from neuropathic or nerve pain.

The brand itself is a generic one that is yet to get its nod from the FDA. But being a generic brand too this brand is right now selling not just in India which is the home country of its manufacturing company but also selling around the world in distant countries such as the US.

The brand of medications, that is to use, you need to approach a doctor and inform about your symptoms post which the doctors are going to do some diagnosis.

What Is Duxel 30 mg used for?

Duxel 30 use may be described as a pill for showing off the characteristics of being an anti-anxiety and an anti-depressant pill. The pill also has nerve pain curing benefits with the generic element Duloxetine.

Generic element Duloxetine for which the approved brand is Cymbalta comes under the stimulant category of pills as it effectively affects the neuro CNS system in your body in one way.

For curing depression and anxiety it is okay to use this pill for a short duration as it is for nerve pain that may occur due to the complexions of diabetes or due to general death in the nerve cells.


Being a generic drug the company to manufacture it is not that relevant as there may be other manufacturers of this brand too. Tripada Healthcare Ltd. is the largest entity providing the manufacturing and marketing duties for the brand name.


Duloxetine is the element to trigger all the positive sides of using the medicine. On looking at the working side of the pills it is a general inhibitor for the reuptake of two hormones in your body that is the serotonin and the norepinephrine hormones.

Duloxetine generic brand Duxel 30 is only better for patients to use for temporary purposes. This medicine can curate temporary benefits and is not one of those treatment methods that can help you to find a permanent cure for the ailments.

How to take Duxel 30 mg

Duxel 30mg is an oral drug. To take this drug use water to swallow the pill down your throat.

Remember that either action of chewing the pill or crushing the pill is not the right method for intake rather it may also diminish the actions of the pill as well.

To take Duxel 30 mg avoid taking in alcohol or even narcotic drugs such as cocaine or cannabis. For using this drug daily you will need to formulate a fixed time of the day as to when you should take the pills.

Working of Duxel 30 mg

The presence of generic Duloxetine comes in after some time you take your daily dose. Now once the effects pronounce this will prevent the serotonin and the norepinephrine hormones from being taken up completely.

Thus in the presence of this substance, the amounts of the two hormones mentioned above will keep on rising. This allows the patients to provide both reliefs to anxiety and depression as well as bring relief from neural pain.

Duxel 30 mg dosage

  • Duxel 30mg online dose is made of a single element with equal proportions. By now you must have got the idea that it is none other than the duloxetine brand name.
  • The dose to take for this substance should not be more than a single pill per day irrespective of how severe the symptoms of the ailments are occurring in a patient.
  • Duxel 30mg dosage recommendation is the responsibility of the doctors and this will be done in line with the health condition of the patient.
  • Duxel 30mg is a medium-strength dose of the generic Duloxetine substance that can cause about a 12-hour active time since this is just the half-life of Duloxetine. Most of the time the doctors will recommend you to start using the medicines daily.


Duxel 30 mg overdose may be possible for patients who still need a lighter dose. Generally, you can switch to an even smaller dose which is the 20mg dose of the drug.

Miss dose

Missing a dose means that you forget to take your regular medicines on time. As for generic Duloxetine, this may diminish the regular and consistent effects of the substance. Do not take a double medication if you miss out on a dose.

When should you avoid taking Duxel 30mg

  • Generally, the Duxel 30mg drug is suitable for most patients but on some occasions, the drug may become unsuitable for your intake. Now there are certain situations where this can remain the only option.
  • Of course, the drug is not recommendable to those patients highly addicted to alcohol or who use drugs. along with this the occurrence of severe side effects, the doctors will be forced to retrieve and stop your regular dose.
  • Other than this some patients might be generally allergic to using the pills as for them even a small dose intake can cause severe side effects.

Duxel 30 mg Side Effects

  • Duxel 30 mg may have many reasons such as an overdose or an allergic tendency that causes side effects on patients.
  • Side effects occurring with the intake of Duxel 30mg need immediate reporting to your doctor. No doubt that you should stop taking further doses if the Duxel 30mg side effects are severe.
  • Mostly the side effects that occur include headache, dizziness, sleepiness, drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth and palpitations.

Duxel 30 mg reviews

Duxel 30 mg reviews have been given on most online websites so if you are willing to know about the experience of patients try checking out that. It has mostly got a good review from all the patients.


Duxel 30mg is a medicine relieving both neural pain & the Features of anxiety and depression.


How long does a dose of Duxel 30mg remain active?

Duxel 30 mg dose can remain effective for a long time say up to 24 hours but this may vary across patients based on suitability to the pills.

Is there any FDA-approved brand for generic Duxel 30mg?

Generic Cymbalta is a drug that is approved for selling in the US since it has the approval from FDA. But some of the other generic versions of generic Duloxetine are even selling in other countries such as the US and Australia.

What are some precautions that you must follow with a dose of any Sildenafil brand?

  • When you are taking generic Duloxetine is it primarily important from your end to rigorously follow the guidelines of the doctor.
  • Ensure to avoid misusing the dose or unnecessarily going for a high dose rather than what the doctors suggest you take. Alcohol use has to be lessened for averting the risks of major side effects.
  • Along with this you also need to ensure that the dose is not continued beyond a short time interval which is dependent but not more than a few weeks.

How to order?

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