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Dulane M 20 Mg Capsule


Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Duloxetine + Methylcobalamin/Mecobalamin


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


10 Capsule DR in 1 strip



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6 To 15 days

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What is Dulane M 20 mg?

Dulane M 20 mg is a new and advanced type of combo medicinal dose to provide a combination of healing effects. Ide3ally the use of the medicine can provide you with curable effects against both anxiety and depression and nerve pain occurring due to fibromyalgia.

Other than this the medicine is known for its healing effects on the nerve cells that prevent further damage to the brain neurons and prevents them from further damage.

It is needless to say that since the medicine is acting on the brain neurons in your body that it is only buyable along with a doctor’s prescription.

The medicine is recommended both in adult males and females. Doctors recommend an ideal dose and timing for the course to complete.

What Is Dulane M 20 mg used for?

If you count the number of uses where the Dulane M 20mg comes to play then it can come to your benefit for three specific reasons. First of all, it can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression in patients. It can reduce anxiety and depression in the brain cells and helps patients to deal with normal ways of life.

Other than this the medicine can also reduce the pain that occurs due to either complexion of suffering from severe diabetes over the years or fibromyalgia. And along with this, the medicine is also having the potential to remove the amount of damage being done to the nerve cells in the brain and generally heal them.


Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the most advanced pharmaceutical and drug research companies not just in its foundation in India but also around the world. Many of its prescription and generic brand names are used in distant countries such as the USA and Australia.

Sun pharma has the trade name reserved to its rights when it comes to using the brand name Dulane M 20 mg.


Now, it is true that with so many effects surely there is more than one substance that forms the composition of the drugs. so the substances that you can find in the medicine include Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin and Duloxetine.

Duloxetine HCL is a substance to prevent the symptoms of anxiety and depression and reduces the pain occurring in the nerves.

The presence of methylcobalamin in the dreugs gives yet another dimension to the use of the pills where it also heals the damaged nerve cells and prevents any further damage.

How to take Dulane M 20 mg:

Since this is an oral drug you will need to swallow the pill. Now for this, the use of only water must suit the best and this way you can also reduce the chances of any major side effects. One fluid substance that can specifically contraindication includes alcohol.

It is highly preventive of use when you are taking your dose and even during the next couple of hours when the dose of the medicine is bound to remain active.

Working of Dulane M 20 mg:

Dulane M 20 is a medicine that comprises two generic elements in it and both go about in their way to give rise to relief from pain for the patients.

The presence of duloxetine helps in lowering the nerve pain sensations that occur due to the generic Duloxetine presence that increases the amount of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain cells. The presence of methylcobalamin ensures the production of a substance known as myelin that protects the cell fibres of the nerve cells and rejuvenates the nerve cells.

Dulane M 20 mg dosage:

  • The entire dose of the Dulane M 20 mg has present in it 20mg of generic Duloxetine Brand Name to prevent the disorders that include relieving the patient from nerve pain and reducing stress and depression.
  • Other than this there is also a small 1.5mg dose of the generic substance methylcobalamin to provide the healing effects in your nerves.
  • Dulane M 20mg dosage has a 20mg dose of generic substance Duloxetine. And of course, the damage to nerve healing effects comes due to the presence of methylcobalamin in the pills.
  • This much amount dose is suitable to treat mostly a mild to moderate level of the disorder. But for severe cases, this dose may turn out to be futile.

Dulane M 20 Mg Capsule other dosages are:


Dulane M 20 mg overdose may occur in patients, especially for those needing a smaller dose than this one. It may occur due to the excess presence of any one of the compositional substances or both.

Miss dose:

A missed dose is surely expected to undermine and reduce the effects of the drugs in you. Avoid a missed dose. Even if you miss taking your dose do not double the dose since this may bring about the risk of side effects.

When should you avoid taking Dulane M 20 mg:

  • Generally having any other brain disorders such as shingles, tremors, and others is not a suitable patient to use the Dulane M 20 mg.
  • along with this if disorders like a severe cardiac disorder are present the patient may be at a high risk of side effects. Not to mention that patients also need to avoid using the dose if they encounter severe side effects.
  • The dose may not be suitable for women patients, especially those who are pregnant. Avoid taking your daily pill just when you are about to drive.
  • Essentially some of the side effects originating due to taking in the Dulane M 20mg may distract you from driving and risk you an accident.
  • Generally, a patient who uses alcohol or narcotic drugs daily is also not to use the medicines for this may contraindicate and give rise to severe side effects.

Dulane M 20 mg Side Effects:

It is not that you forget that unlike the so many benefits of the Dulane M 20mg dosage there are some disadvantages of the medicine that you need to know as well. And of course, needless to say, these disadvantages are the side effects. Mecobalamin Side Effects are below here.

Whether an excessive use or an overdose the followings are some of the side effects occurring in patients.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Ejaculation problems
  • Erectile problems or ED
  • Sex drive getting low
  • Dry mouth


It is true that some of the symptoms especially those related to sexual hampering may be severe disorders where the patients need to get in touch with the doctors immediately.

Dulane M 20 mg reviews:

Dulane M 20mg is such a drug that due to its high effectiveness has received high ratings and numerous reviews on several online medicine-selling websites.

Dulane M 20mg reviews state the effectiveness of the drug in most patients and them being able to get some relief from nerve pain and the symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Dulane M 20 mg UK is a medicine to heal your brain from damaged nerve cells while reducing nerve pain and treating the symptoms of anxiety and depression occurring as a result of pain.


How long does a dose of Dulane M 20 mg remain active?

Generally, you can expect each medicine of Dulane M 20mg to remain active for around 8 to 12 hours.

Is there any FDA-approved brand for generic Dulane M 20mg?

Right now no such combined dose has yet been approved by the FDA.

What are some precautions that you must follow with a dose of any Sildenafil brand?

Not taking an excess dose, taking medicines on time, reporting any side effects, and avoiding the medicines that contraindicate the action of the two substances are some of the general side effects for all patients.

How to order?

Ordering online can be a good deal for customers, especially on the Generic Medz website that offers loads of discounts and cashback offers on each order.


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