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Duvanta 20 Mg


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Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd


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What is Duvanta 20 Mg?

Duvanta 20 Mg is a medicine for patients who are experiencing some changes in mood such as feeling depressed, those who regularly suffer from anxiety attacks and those who have some form of neuropathic pain (this can occur due to any existing nerve disorder where the nerve cells degenerate or else it may also be occurring due to long term effects of diabetes).

Duvanta 20mg irrespective of where you are using this medicine comes as a prescription pill form and ideally, you need to speak with your doctors first and get their approval before beginning a regular intake of this dose.

Generally, patients will only be experiencing temporary effects with using this pill as it does not bring about long-term permanent cures.

What Is Duvanta 20mg used for?

The use case for Duvanta 20 Mg pills may occur in patients for two primary reasons. One of them is neuropathic or neural pain. And another reason is for having any existing psychological disorder.

Duvanta 20mg use is applicable for curing neural pain for two reasons. One can be due to experiencing the long-term effects of diabe3tes where the high levels of blood sugar bring about extensive damage to the network of nerves. The other reason for neural pain is a nerve disorder that degenerates the nerve cells resulting in pain.

Other than things within the psychotic disorder space patients can feel the Duvanta 20 mg medicine come in handy for removing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Intas Pharmaceuticals manufactures medicines. It does not have the drug manufacturing responsibility but to get into contact with affiliates for its marketing and promotion and also with distribution entities for selling the drug.

Intas Pharmaceuticals is widely present in manufacturing medicines for several other disorders from a host of other categories.


Duloxetine is the element that is present in the Duvanta 20mg pills. Duloxetine is from the naphthalene derivative group of pills.

it is effectively a neuro CNS group of acting pills and belongs to the action class known as the serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor action class of medicines. It does not have any chance of causing habit formation tendencies in the patients.

Compositions of this drug have been made4 to last long. Generally the active substance Duloxetine HCL has a long half-life.

Depending on the dose it can have a half-life of around 13 hours. Generally, the effects of a single medicine can easily last more than a single day. Ideally, research shows that 99 per cent of the effects die within 36 hours of taking the drug.

Duvanta 20 mg dosage

Duvanta 20mg dosage whether in the UK or Australia represents a small dose. Generally, on asking doctors it is only recommendable to patients who have3 a mild to a moderate low variant of the disorder or symptoms.

Duvanta 20mg dosage needs to suit the patients too. Ideally, doctors are too reluctant to prescribe a heavy dose.

How to take Duvanta 20 Mg

Swallowing is the only process for taking in the Duvanta 20 mg pills during intake time as it is done without chewing or crushing the pill. Remember if you have problems with swallowing then you need to inform them about such problems to the doctors before only.

When you start a dose do not stop taking medicines unless your course to the medicine ends unless there are heavy side effects. You can take it at a time when you have maximum pain occurring or generally when you feel the symptoms of anxiety and depression starting.

Working of Duvanta 20mg

Duvanta as we told earlier as well as from the category of serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor group of medications. Ideally, the dose of Duvanta 20 mg and its further release of Duloxetine in your brain cells can increase the serotonin and norepinephrine hormones.

Eventually, due to this, you can experience the medicine beginning to take effect as you find relief from neural pain or the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Duvanta 20mg dosage

Your dose is ideally to begin and end in a couple of days. Generally, doctors refrain from using the medicine more at a stretch continuously for more than one month. The reason for this is the onset of long-term side effects that may become possible.

Duvanta other strength


Duvanta 20 mg overdose may be a crucial turning point as side effects mean you may have to end up in side effects. Visit a doctor urgently and find out if you can suit the lower drug variants.

Miss dose

Avoid missing your dose as each medicine taken at the right time will create compound positive benefits for the patients. Sudden avoidance of this course schedule can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

When should you avoid taking Duvanta 20 mg

Generally, patients need to be highly aware of their self-health condition and mention the existence of any disorders to their doctors. This medicine may not suit in well for patients who have other nerve disorders such as shingles. Women who are in their late stages of pregnancy need to consult with the doctor before suddenly starting a course.

Avoid taking in your dose when you are driving your car. Avoid in case dose intake each time results in some recurring side effects.

Duvanta 20 mg Side Effects

  • Chances of patients experiencing Duvanta 20mg side effects are rare unless you change the dose guidelines on your own. But still some side effects may occur during the first few doses of your course where you need to stay active and inform the doctors.
  • Mild side effects include light headache, dizziness, hallucinations, nausea, dry mouth, sleepiness and so on. Along with this any of these4 side effects may also occur in severe form. Generally, as none of the side effects seem to be life-threatening avoid sudden discontinuation of your dose and rather get in touch with your doctor and explain to them about the side effects you are experiencing.

Duvanta 20 Mg reviews

Duvanta 20mg reviews from patients having used the medicine3s earlier have been good and applauding. Most patients regarding their experience have been able to get rid of neural pain or anxiety and depression symptoms.

It is a good idea to have some view on what patients have to say and how they share their experiences during the dose term. Ideally, you can get such reviews a lot on online medicine selling platforms that give you some firsthand knowledge.


Duvanta 20mg is medicine to kickstart the effects of reducing neural pain or to help patients find relief from anxiety and depression.


How long does a dose of Duvanta 20 mg remain active?

Duloxetine has an extensive timeline of activation. The 20mg dose can have actions lasting for a whole day with a half-life of 24 hours.

Is there any FDA-approved brand for generic Duvanta 20mg?

Lunesta is the same as the Duvanta 20mg dosage but the only difference between them is while the former is FDA approved the latter is only a generic variant.

What are some precautions that you must follow with a dose of any Sildenafil brand?

Avoid misusing or increasing your dose even if you are not getting the right type of side effects. Avoid the use of medicines that show up a contraindicating behaviour to that of generic Duloxetine. Along with this, you will need to avoid the use of alcohol or cannabis.

How to order?

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