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Extra Super P Force


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Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd


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100 Mg

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Overview of Extra Super P Force

Extra Super P Force is the key to success in bed when obstructions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation haunt you. This is a trusted method to overcome these issues and enjoy sex with your partner again with full excitement. The drug helps you gain confidence, erection, and lust at the same time.


What Is Extra Super P Force Tablet?

Extra Super P Force is not an ordinary sexual disorder-treating drug. Instead, it is a combination drug containing two ingredients that together helps in solving two major intimate problems of men, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. You need to take two separate pills for each one. And the problem of two pills reacting with each other is also gone as Extra Super P Force has the ability to treat both.

It is categorized as a PDE5 inhibitor, for a reason discussed later in the article.



Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd, is the company that has spent millions on the mass production of Extra Super P Force to serve the intimate needs of men around the world. It also does the job of a distributor along with being one of South Asia’s biggest pharmaceutical makers. The company began operating in 1984 since then the support of customers due to highly efficient medicines have made it what it is today. It invests heavily in innovations and acquiring intelligent minds from all over the world to provide better medicines.



Extra Super P Force has two ingredients, out of which one is primary and secondary. The primary i.e., the one with a larger share in the composition is Sildenafil Citrate and the second ingredient is Dapoxetine. In then 100 mg tablet, 60 mg is composed of Sildenafil Citrate and 40 mg is Dapoxetine.


Working of Extra Super P Force

Extra Super P Force is given the task to counter both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The drug tackles both problems with its main ingredient Sildenafil Citrate which takes care of providing greater erection by ensuring smooth blood supply. And the other ingredient is Dapoxetine which makes sure that ejaculation is delayed and the erection lasts longer. This is done by lowering the activities of PDE5.


How To Take Extra Super P Force Tablet

  • Taking an Extra Super P Force tablet is an easy task that can be done by even less educated people. The things needed are a glass of water and a pill of Extra Super P Force.
  • The process is to swallow the tablets with water, that’s it.
  • But make sure that while swallowing you do not chew, break or alter its shape in any way.
  • Use only water to swallow Extra Super P Force. Swallowing it with any other fluid is an invitation for side effects.

Precaution Taking Before Extra Super P Force

  • Explain to the doctor all your major health specifications like sleep cycle, food preferences, any allergies, infections or any major previous disorder or surgery, and others.
  • Also, inform the doctor earlier in case you are using any other ed pill at the same time. Otherwise, it may lead to overdose.
  • Also, tell him/her about medicines for a different disorder that you are consuming currently.

Benefits of Using Extra Super P Force

Achieving sexual pleasure

This is no mystery why a man uses Extra Super P Force tablet, to achieve the highest possible level of pleasure and also able to make his partner feel the same. Your job is to only follow the prescription and consume the pills accordingly, the rest is taken care of by the drug and its composition.

Dosage Of Extra Super P Force Missed Dose


Taking excess doses than prescribed is not a healthy thing, rather it leads to side effects and mostly very harmful ones. The person who has overdosed must be taken to the nearby medical facility as soon as possible. For the same reason, it is said to follow the prescription.

Other Dosage:

Miss Dose

Make sure that you never miss a dose. Missing the dose even once will lessen the efficiency of the drug as the rhythm has been broken. It is better to skip the missed dose if it’s too late and take the next dose.

Avoid To Take Extra Super P Force

  • This is a very important point, unless the doctor has prescribed Extra Super P Force to you, no need to take it. For men who intend it to use for fun, it will land them into deep trouble due to life-risky side effects.
  • One must not take extra super p force tablets or any erectile dysfunction curing drug if they are suffering from low blood pressure. The logic behind this is that the use of such drugs will further bring the blood pressure down to dangerous levels.
  • Avoid Extra Super P Force if your doctor has already prescribed you a different ed pill.

Side Effects of Extra Super P Force

Mild Headache

One of the most used side effects after taking Extra Super P Force faced by patients is a mild headache. This is not a severe one, taking a small nap will make things better.

Constipated stomach

This is also a common issue among users of Extra Super P Force. They tell about facing a constipated stomach for a few days. Eating fibrous food or using laxatives are solutions.


Storage of Extra Super P Force

  • The method of storing Extra Super P Force is as easy as it can get. The normal room temperature will do without any mistake. No expensive equipment is needed so do not worry.
  • But make sure that the temperature does not go above 40 degrees and below 10 degrees.
  • While storing one must make sure that the tablets do not get broken or physically damaged in any case. If broken, the tablet is of no use.
  • Hide the tablets from areas where sunlight may directly fall on them.

Extra Super P Force Review

You can see Extra Super P Force reviews at One might ask why genericmedz and not any other website, well the answer is its authenticity that you would be shown only original reviews that are first fully verified. It is a free portal where all you need to do is search for the medicine and visit the reviews section.


So, what are you thinking about? Whenever your penis does not support in the process of satisfying your partner, it is time you get a pill of Extra Super P Force by explaining the problem to the doctor. But, remember the point that Extra Super P Force is a prescription-based drug, so, no matter what the situation is consultation with the doctor is a must.



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