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Levolin Inhaler

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200 MDI in 1 Inhaler


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Overview of Levolin inhaler

Levolin inhaler is a type of inhaler as the name suggests. The type of inhaler is a rescue type inhaler that is used by asthmatic patients who tend to suffer from asthma attacks.

The inhaler will work best in those cases when the patient is dealing with an asthma attack.

Levolin inhaler use comes only with a doctor’s recommendation. In case you are feeling the symptoms of asthma such as coughing, wheezing, or sneezing with congestion in the chest and difficulty in breathing that is the right time when you should use the inhaler.


What Is an Levolin inhaler?

Levolin inhaler is a type of rescue inhaler that is best for your use at the time of dealing with asthma symptoms. This type of asthma inhaler comes from the category of rescue inhalers and is used to find relief when during the prelude to an asthma attack.

Levolin inhaler use will give the patients with relief. It comes from the category of fast-acting bronchodilators and has got the substance levosalbutamol in it which is a type of dilating acting agent to your airways while clearing the airways of any mucus and saliva congestion.



Cipla is the company that owns the brand name Levolin inhaler. Cipla owns and manages its marketing, distribution, sales, and exporting rights exclusively on its own. The company is one of the biggest pharmaceutical entities in India with varieties of prescription and generic medicines in high demand not just in the domestic markets across India but also in foreign destinations.



As we told you above that there is a single substance or salt that is present in the liquid substance that you take in during the puffs. And that salt is Levosalbutamol.  And the composition of the salt substance in the liquid is 50mg which is a medium to a small dose.

It is a type of bronchodilating agent which is a beta-agonist agent which helps in relieving the muscles and tissues of the airways and helps them to distress thus allowing the normal flow of air through them.


Working on an Levolin inhaler

Levolin inhaler works based on its generic and main composite element which is Levosalbutamol. When you take the liquid substance the salt present in it works very fast.

Remember we said that this type of inhaler is a type of fast-acting bronchodilator that allows very fast action on the airways and to clear them of all congestion such that normal flow of air can take place to your lungs. It hardly takes around 10 to 15 minutes for you to begin feeling the actions of using the inhaler which of course is to feel easier while breathing with less trouble in breathing and low coughing and wheezing.


How To Take Levolin inhaler

It is highly important that when you are using a rescue inhaler such as a levolin inhaler you know how to be able to use it correctly. Because you know, a levolin inhaler comes to your use only in the time of dire need when you are in an emergency.

It is highly recommended for any patient to be using it that they know how to use it on their right at the start of their use of the levolin inhaler from a doctor. Remember that not being able to use the Levolin inhaler in times of emergency may come with severe consequences probably resulting in the death of the patient.


Benefits of Using Levolin inhaler

The largest and outright benefit of using the levolin inhaler is that it can help you to find relief from the congestion in breathing. Once you get the puffs in being a fast-acting inhaler it will take only some minutes for levosalbutamol to begin showing its effects and be able to feel free from asthma symptoms.


Dosage Of Levolin inhaler

Within the levolin inhaler is the salt levosalbutamol which is in the quantities of 50mcg. And as for how many puffs you will need to take, ask the doctors. This will directly depend on two things. One is how much of the salt substance is adjustable in the patient’s body and the other one is the severity of asthma that the patient is suffering from.

Generally, doctors will recommend this in writing on the prescription.

One of the things regarding dosage that one must clearly understand is that it is not a preventive type inhaler. You do not have to use the inhaler unless you are experiencing asthma symptoms.


A likely overuse of the inhaler may come with pretty severe side effects. you see while underdose may not be able to cure the asthma symptoms a probable overdose is not good at all since it may provoke side effects. it is a good idea for you to know that just how much levosalbutamol are you capable of adjusting to in one go.

Miss Dose

Avoid missing your dose of Levoliinhaler when you are experiencing asthma symptoms. After all, how can you miss using your rescue inhaler when you are experiencing asthma troubles?

It should be one of your top priorities to carry your rescue inhaler with you always when going outside. Remember that it may turn into a matter of life and death in case if you forget to carry your levolin inhaler with you when not at home.


Avoid To Take Levolin inhaler

Sometimes depending on the condition of the patient the doctors may ask the patient to avoid using the Levolin inhaler. The primary condition for this is the patient being allergic to the generic salt substance inside that is Levosalbutamol. Also, you must share with the doctor if you have high blood pressure or any cardiac problem.


Side Effects of Levolin inhaler

Side effects mostly crop up in two scenarios either when the patient is allergic to using the salt substance levosalbutamol or else when they are having an overdose.

The most probable outcomes as side effects can be-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Bronchitis
  • Pain
  • Pharyngitis
  • Nasal congestion
  • Vomiting


Storage of Levolin inhaler

Ideally, it is the normal room temperature only when the Levolin inhaler should work the best. Maintain storage conditions of not more than 30 degrees Celsius with low humidity.

Levolin inhaler Review

Patients have used the levolin inhaler as a lifeline. The inhaler has come to excellent purpose use when the patients have been experiencing asthma symptoms.


Levolin inhaler is a rescue inhaler. Use it when experiencing asthma symptoms.

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