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Malegra Gold 50 Mg


Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd


4 Tablets in Strip



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6 To 15 days

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What is Malegra Gold 50 mg?

Malegra Gold is a male intensive medicine for curing a concerning disorder in men relating to sex. You see some men cannot get or produce a hard erection on their own. The purpose of doctors recommending Malegra Gold 50 mg is to have hard erections.

Ideally, the use of the medicine can bring about a hard erection or cure impotence in men but only for a fixed time of a few hours.  Malegra Gold 50 mg offers an ingredient Sildenafil that produces effects of vasodilation in the penis tissues such that it can produce a hard erection for the patients.

What Is Malegra Gold 50 mg used for?

ED or erectile dysfunction is largely the only disorder promoting the urgency or the need for you to use Malegra Gold 50mg dosage. Worldwide that includes the use of Malegra Gold 50mg in the US or other continents is primarily done for a short-phrase cure to ED.

But generic Sildenafil being a PDE-5 hormone inhibiting ingredient has another benefit. It can help increase the flow of blood through the blood vessels to rise and also in turn eases or relaxes the blood vessels and the capillaries. Due to this reason doctors sometimes rarely do even recommend using Malegra Gold for curing hypertension disorder.


Sunrise Remedies is an Indian drug manufacturing company. The company has numerous brands in the ED curing space and it owns the branding and formulation rights. This product portfolio also includes the Malegra brand and thus Malegra Gold 50 mg is marketed and manufactured by Sunrise Remedies only.


Sildenafil a PDE-5 hormone inhibiting ingredient is the only substance to be present in the medicine that activates a hard penis erection in men through some changes. Although we will find out the mechanism of action for the Malegra UK dose later on it is known for producing two effects in general. one of them is the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting effects that occur as a prelude to the concluding vasodilation stage or the rises in blood flow stage.

How to take Malegra Gold 50 Mg

The first thing to note for patients is to maintain a timeline for taking medicines. You will require to swallow a medicine whole Except by crushing it or chewing it. so during the time of intake, you should avoid swallowing the pill alone. But making use of water during the drug intake stage will allow easier passage of the pill into your stomach. After you have taken your pill do not indulge in taking alcohol or other addictive drugs.

Working of Malegra Gold 50 mg

Malegra Gold 50 mg intake will release the substance Sildenafil. Sildenafil has this diminishing effect on the PDE-5 hormones. This will let the cGMP hormones come into play. The increase of the cGMP hormones along with the inhibition of the PDE-5 hormones will bring in stages of vasodilation in your penis tissues. This occurs due to the release of your body’s natural vasodilation agent which is nitric oxide. This substance kicks in to produce the effects of higher sensitivity in your penis tissues and eventually, you can get a hard erection.

Malegra Gold dosage

When you speak about the Malegra Gold 50mg use, it ideally needs an intake either before or after having meals. Since its actions are temporary it is recommended for you to have the pills only before sex. You will need to keep a time gap of at least 30 minutes to an hour between your meals and taking this pill.

Generally, doctors may recommend using this medicine continuously but then it will only be for a few weeks or months. Or else the doctors may also recommend patients to take a dose only on days to have sex.

Malegra Gold 50 mg dosage

Malegra Gold 50mg dosage has a 50mg drug dose of generic Sildenafil. Generic Sildenafil is the same element that you will find just like in a pill of FDA-approved Viagra. The dosage of generic Sildenafil is for prescription use and thus getting approval from a doctor before starting your regular dose is a must.


Malegra Gold 50 mg overdose means that Sildenafil 50mg generic Viagra is something not capable of suiting your body. And thus it is better for you that you switch to a lower dose variant of the dose.

Miss dose

Generally do not try to compensate for a missed dose by suddenly doubling your next dose. You only need to take one medicine per day and if you miss out on a dose do not get tensed and take your next medicine on time and in the right dose only. But that night you may have some problems with penis erections.

When should you avoid taking Malegra Gold 50mg

  • You must avoid taking in the Malegra Gold 50mg USA dose if you are experiencing some of the situations given below-
  • Experiencing severe side effects that cause too much pain and discomfort
  • Having specific existing disorders such as a severe form of cardiac disorder, experiencing sudden blood pressure spikes, any other nerve issues, major liver or kidney malfunctions
  • Have extreme levels of addiction to alcohol and narcotic drugs

Malegra Gold 50 mg Side Effects

  • Malegra Gold 50mg side effects can either occur as mild ones or in a severe form. Mild side effects may occur during the first part of your course that you need to let the doctors know about. But since these side effects are mild you may keep continuing your dose as the doctors also suggest.
  • These include headache, dizziness, diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps and chest pain.
  • On the other hand, patients may also experience some major side effects and here you must stop your dose intake immediately.
  • These include chest pain, lower libido, priapism, rapid breathing, fall in hearing senses, loss of vision and so on.

Malegra Gold 50 mg reviews

Malegra Gold 50mg reviews as given by mostly all patients have been quite satisfactory. Worldwide whether it is in Australia or any other continent the drug has received applause from mostly all patients in ED. According to patients, the 50mg dose is lighter and this does not produce any major side effects for the patients too. But ensuring the other guidelines from the doctors is a must to avoid the effects of contraindication.


Malegra Gold 50 mg is a drug to produce erectile failure curing ability. This medicine can help you to get your sexual life back on track.


How long does a dose of Malegra Gold 50 mg remain active?

Malegra Gold 50mg having 50mg Sildenafil can stay in your body for 4 hours.

Is there any FDA-approved brand for generic Malegra Gold 50mg?

Yes, the drug name Viagra is quite popular. This is the only FDA-approved brand for generic Sildenafil so far.

What are some precautions that you must follow with a dose of any Sildenafil brand?

Some of the drugs to avoid use include all alpha-blockers, all nitrate medicine compound pills, any pill to suddenly raise your blood pressure, and some antibacterials. Ideally, you must visit the doctor with your existing prescriptions. Along with this generally avoid the use of alcohol and grape juice at a time when Sildenafil effects are active.

How to order?

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