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Zopisign 10 Mg


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HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd


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Overview of Zopisign 10 mg

Zopisign 10 mg is a medicine that gives patients temporary relief when taken on a consistent dosage for sleep problems such as insomnia and sleep apnea.

It is a prescription medicine and doctors are ideally going to check all reports and previous diagnoses to ascertain that you have a sleep problem that is curable using medicines such as Zopisign 10mg.

Zopisign 10mg has the substance Zopiclone in it and works by controlling the release of GABA receptors.  Excessive or overuse of the medicine may come with side effects and the patients must be thoughtful about it.

What Is Zopisign 10mg Tablet?

Zopisign 10mg is orally taken in a tablet that helps cure insomnia and narcolepsy problems. it is just a short-term recovery medicine for the sleep problem.

The maximum time for which the doctors are going to recommend you to take the pills is for around 3 weeks as such.

Zopisign 10 mghas an equivalent amount of the generic non-benzodiazepine substance Zopiclone in it.


Manufacturing and branding rights for this brand of medicines belong to HAB Pharmaceuticals and Pvt. Ltd. its manufacturing operations are based in India although the medicine is sold both overseas and in the domestic markets.

A reputable company the company is into owning, branding,  manufacturing, and exporting many other brands as well across various health segments.


The composite substance present in the Zopisign 10mg medication is Zopiclone. It is a substance that belongs to the category of Neuro CNS group of pills because once it comes into effect it will have its effects domination on the nerves inside your brain.

Zopiclone amount present in the 10mg dosage of the medicine is at par due to it being the only generic substance to be present in the pills.

How To Take Zopisign 10 mg Tablet

  • The process for you to take a pill of Zopisign 10mg is the same as the other orally swallowing pills. You can simply take it in by your mouth and just swallow it down with water.
  • The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to avoid letting more than a single pill during one day time. Also, a specific time should be formed for you to take your daily pill.
  • For intake purposes, water that is a non-contraindicating liquid seems to be a good option. Alcohol use can bring in side effects such as over drowsiness within a very short time.

Working of Zopisign 10 mg

Once the pill is taken generic Zopiclone is released. And thereafter this substance will bring in changes in your brain to bring about sleepiness effects. it shows its effect in controlling the GABA receptors in the brain. The drug comes with hypnotic effects as it rightly belongs to the group of non-benzodiazepine hypnotics group of drugs.

The overall time for this procedure to happen will take some time. A dose of 10mg will take around one hour to activate and begin letting you have effects such as sleepiness and dizziness.

Benefits of Using Zopisign 10 mg

The best benefit that you can draw out with the use of Zopisign 10mg is being able to sleep comfortably for the night a thing which is in dire need for you right now.

Remember that the 10mg dosage of this brand is the highest dose you can go with. This dose is ideally recommended for patients with a severe level of insomnia but its benefit is that you also get an effective time for long hours.

Dosage Of Zopisign 10 mg

The generic substance Zopiclone seems to be the only substance that is present in the pills and comes with an equal dose of 10mg. it is present in the drugs only in a 10mg dose amount. With this dose amount the effective time duration of the drug being active is close to around 15 hours.

Generally, doctors will ideally increase the dose gradually to allow the patient to find out which dose of a drug can they suit the most. It is also done as a remedy to prevent side effects.

Other Dosage


A higher amount of Zopiclone being present in your body increases the risk of side effects suffering. Overdose can cause both mild to severe side effects depending on the amount of your overdose.

Miss Dose

Do not miss out on a dose of the drug. Not taking a single day’s dose means that you will not be able to have comfortable sleep. This is because the effects of the pill only last for a short term and need to be taken every day during the course term.

Avoid To Take Zopisign 10 mg

Doctors may ask the patients to avoid taking the drugs. Generally, you should ideally avoid intake of the pills along with pills such as those for curing heart problems, seizures, and others. Check this out with the doctors.

Side Effects of Zopisign 10mg

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Severe drowsiness
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Palpitations
  • Dryness in mouth

Precaution Taking Before Zopisign 10 mg

  • The patients during the first few doses of the course need to keenly note whether any side effects are creeping up. And in case they are, then without delay, the patients need to come in contact with the doctor.
  • Avoidance needs to be taken for a sudden change in dose or increasing the amount of dose which can cause side effects. Along with this, alcohol is a substance that patients need to avoid taking at least during the working or effective time of the pills. presence of alcohol can increase the chances of various side effects to occur. You need to take precautions regarding avoiding missed doses.

Storage of Zopisign 10 mg

Storing your pills of Zopisign 10 mg needs ideally the normal room temperature that is not too humid and between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Zopisign 10mg Review

The reviews did amount the medicine shows that most patients have got good effects after the use of the medicine. After having the pills patients have been able to find comfortable sleep.


Zopisign 10mg is a sleep disorder curing pill for insomnia and sleep apnea. Take a recommendation from your doctor and follow the instructions of the doctor when taking this drug on a regular dose.


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