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Mental Health: Why Aren’t Men Talking About It? 

Mental Health: Why Aren't Men Talking About It? 

Actually nobody wants to share their mental troubles with anyone and it is okay not to share your matters with anybody but you should consult the doctor.

The main problem is men think that or consider that if they go to psycho doctors family, friends, or office colleagues, society may consider them mentally sick or mentally person.

This hurts and hits their mind and heart and these things happen because of lack of knowledge, lack of confidence, and society’s troubles and they start to take drugs like Cenforce 200 or Fildena 150 because of men’s sentiment.

To avoid stress men frequently take medicines without doctor’s prescriptions such as Fildena 150 or Vidalista 40. Anyway, it cannot be the solution. The ultimate solution men try to find out through these types of drugs is to reduce their stress.

What should you do?

Therefore they should understand mental trouble is also like a physical problem. Therefore if your mind is not healthy or your mood remains off, you cannot do anything. You cannot get success in your life because of your mental unhealthiest situation.

 Frustration will come and it will disturb your professional as well as personal and family life. So, these drugs such as Fildena 100 or Extra Super P Force would not be an ultimate or final solution until you are making an appointment with an expert neuron-psycho doctor who can diagnose properly and prescribes the relevant medicines which you need.

Therefore, as well as some other practices also you have to do because men must remember that mental problems cannot recover completely only through medicines rather some natural activities will help you to rid off the mental trouble such as yoga, physical exercises drinking fresh water, avoid the outside junk foods, avoid alcohol, etc.

Men cannot talk about their mental trauma or sickness but why?    

Hence, men’s past learning quoits are important here such as ‘men cannot cry, men should be mentally strong, and many others. So naturally, if they feel mental down then also they need to keep a smile on their face to make people that he is a man and that men can handle anything and any situation also. Here, you can see that men are giving more importance to society.

They are scared to think if they consult a relevant psycho doctor or counselor what people will say? Therefore, this societal blockage makes men puzzled and confused as well as helpless to make an appointment. This is one of the biggest problems of men not speaking about their mental health which is increasing day by day and damaging theimindsnd and health.

The hardest situation men have to face in the office and the matter of job also:

They also think about their friends, relatives, office colleges, etc.  Some corporate offices also can suspect men if they come to know about their mental status. There is a big possibility to misunderstand and the management may tell men to take a leave or even they can lose their job. So, this is the hardest society men face and it is one of the biggest causes not to share mental trouble with anybody of me. Instead of sympathy, they may be poked or insulted. That’s why they do not want to speak about their mental any types of troubles.    

Gender troubles and losing job:

Traditionally, already has been mentioned that men are stronger than women and they cannot get any types of phobias or other mental troubles. That kills the men’s minds and it is the high time all men should think about it. Therefore, it is a men-made society, and men can break the concept which unscientific and unhealthy for society. Gender does not matter because as per the research mental problems can be happened to anyone.

So, do not think about what people will say? Or your job will be remained or not? You have to convince the office manager and other people automatically will be habituated and they will shut down their mouths and other men will be inspired to see as an example. Remember that you are not doing any crime but rather taking treatment to be okay and you want to lead a healthy life and that’s all.

Men cannot get the right person in maximum cases to share their mental issues:

As society is like that, therefore it will be difficult to find out the right person but if you cannot trust anybody, you should not worry. It is a suggestion to men to communicate with a medical counselor or psycho doctor privately. In the present day, it is really difficult to trust anyone rather it will be best to take an appointment with a professional person who can assist you all the way.


So, men should talk about their mental issues just like physical troubles. You do not need to worry about society rather go ahead and talk with a professional doctor who can guide you.