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Fildena CT 100 Mg



Erectile Dysfunction


Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip


Fildena CT 100 Mg

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Overview of Fildena CT 100 mg

Fildena CT 100mg is a medicine that is going to help you in providing a hard erection. It is a new form of ED curable medicine in the sense that you have to chew the medicine to let it begin its effects.

It sort of dissolves on its own when you chew the medicine.

Remember that to use the medicine you have to be within a strict age group of 18 to 64 years.

It is the doctor who will review the various advantages and disadvantages of using this medicine before finally recommending this medicine to someone.

What Is Fildena CT 100 mg Tablet?

Among the many ED medicines that you can find on the market, the Fildena CT 100mg is one of them. It is not the ordinary swallowing type of pill. Rather it is a medicine that will provide you with Sildenafil for curing ED but this time in a chewable format.

Sildenafil is the ingredient present in the pill and it is often known very well by the name generic Viagra.



The manufacturing group of the Fildena pills is Fortune Healthcare. Within the group of Fildena pills, the FIldena chewable medicine is a different group since it represents the chewable variety of medicines.

Fildena Chewable pill is made and sold by Fortune healthcare one of the best-known medicine companies with its manufacturing activities in India.



We have already told you above that it is the presence of a substance known as Sildenafil that forms the basic ingredient of the pills. Fildena CT 100mg has an equal composition to Sildenafil. It is the standard dose of Sildenafil representing the dose to be of medium-strength variant.

The composite substance Sildenafil has the core category of providing PDE-5 hormone inhibiting abilities which are described in the next section.


Working of Fildena CT 100mg

Chewing the Fildena CT 100mg will release the substance Sildenafil. And when you keep on chewing the medicine it will begin to enable you with PDE-5 hormone incapacitation. With this, the hormone cGMP will begin secreting in higher concentrations and it does not take long enough for the pill to show off its vasodilation effects and that occurs due to the presence of nitric oxide.

With the levels of sensitivity gone higher, the penis will usually stand erect when stimulated with a hand.


How To Take Fildena CT 100mg Tablet

Taking in the Fildena CT 100mg is far easier. With a chewable pill such as Fildena CT 100mg, you need to chew the pills to let their actions begin. When you take Fildena CT 100mgit is done by chewing the pill.


Precaution Taking Before Fildena CT 100mg

Remember that when you are taking a pill of Fildena CT 100 mg you must not be under the effects of alcohol and drug.

Using the medicine in excess amounts can come with severe side effects and you need to be aware of this.

The problem is that you will have to strictly ensure that not more than a single pill is being taken throughout the day.

Also, let the doctors know about what your existing physical problems are apart from ED.


Benefits of Using Fildena CT 100 mg

Well, the first benefit is that the intake form which is by chewing the pill is suitable enough for most men. The other thing is that with the chewable pills you will get a faster action and you hardly have to wait for around 15 to 20 minutes to let the actions begin.


Dosage Of Fildena CT 100 mg

The dose of Fildena CT 100 represents a 100mg dose of Sildenafil. Sildenafil is a PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substance to let you enable and take a standard dose. this does need not be taken more than once per day.



It is generally when you take an overdose that means that actions of side effects are probably going to crop up in you. you must be wary of the side effects and must restrain yourself to avoid any type of side effect.


Miss Dose

Do not miss out on a dose since it may bring about periods of missed erections or no erections at all.


Avoid To Take Fildena CT 100mg

You will have to avoid having a dose of Fildena CT 100mg when you experience any type of severe side effect. having some disabilities or disorders in you such as heart disorders or severe and sudden blood pressure fall disorders you must not take the pills as well.

Side Effects of Fildena CT 100mg

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism
  • Hazy vision
  • Reduction in hearing capabilities


Storage of Fildena CT 100mg

Storage of Fildena CT 100 mg pills is best done at low temperatures of less than 30 degrees Celsius with less humidity.


Fildena CT 100 mg Review

The reviews of the pills from the patients have been in support of the pills. they state the Fildena CT 100mg to be highly helpful in enabling a fast erection and one that is consistent and hard enough.



Fildena CT 100mg is a chewable type of pill one that you can take by chewing the medicine. it helps you to recover temporarily from ED.

FAQs โ€“

Where can I buy it?

Buy Fildena CT 100mg the medicines you can look for online or offline options. It is a patientโ€™s choice.

What are the other doses?

There are many other chewable varieties of the pill. Some of the other doses include the Fildena 150, Fildena 25ย  and the Fildena 120 Mg dose.

What is the generic substance of the Fildena CT 100 mg?

The generic substance of Fildena CT 100 mg is Sildenafil. It is primarily known as generic Viagra.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Yes, driving a car seems to be safe provided you donโ€™t have severe headaches and dizziness that do not let you have proper vision.

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

No withdrawal symptoms can be found with the use of Fildena CT 100mg. it only comes with side effects with overdose.

Can the drug be used for curing ED completely?

Only a maximum timeline of 6 hours of effective time is gained with the use of Sildenafil.




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