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Super Fildena


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Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


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6 To 15 days

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Overview of Super Fildena:

The drug named Super Fildena needs no introduction and overview because already it has a huge fanbase among men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The drug is a well know ed treating medicine with a considerably higher success ratio than its peers, making it one of the most trusted pills.

Those men that have left with no hope of being able again for proper orgasm have rested their hope only on Super Fildena. It is the biggest reason today couples across India and in many places overseas are enjoying their sex life. But do not get carried away as it is a prescription sensitive medicine hence, it requires a proper prescription.

What Is Super FildenaTablet?

From the heading, you can understand that first of all it is a tablet. Then comes, its use and identification as a medicine. It is a medicine belonging to a specific chemical group i.e., PDE5 restrictors. Now why the reduction of PDE5 is needed will be discussed later in the article.

It is a tablet that is identified as water-soluble so, always find water when you decided to take it. Super Fildena might not always lead you to good results if you do not abide by the prescription. It is also considered a sexual wellness drug on most online sites.


The production of Super Fildena is one of the biggest drug constructs in India. Yes, we are discussing Fortune Healthcare. The year 2004 is when the seeds of the foundation were laid. The company is specialized in the making of drugs not just Erectile Dysfunction but also female sexual wellness drugs like Female Viagra. Its product list also contains anti-allergic, anti-depressants, anti-ulcer, pain relief drugs and many more.

So, it is not that Fortune Healthcare is heaven only for sexual problems but many others as well.


It is a combination medicine with the combination of two major ingredients, Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. Sildenafil is actually the primary element with a greater percentage in composition than Dapoxetine. Hence, Dapoxetine is the secondary element. Out of 100 mg, 60 mg is Sildenafil and 40 mg is Dapoxetine.

Working of Super Fildena:

The working method of Super Fildena is 100 per cent similar to other ed medicines. This is fully obvious as they all have the same job to do. The main activity in the overall working mechanism is that blood circulation has to be improved in penile erection to cure ed. This is done by reducing the blood pressure and then enhancing the secretion of cGMP to smoothen the flow of blood. These are all done by Sildenafil.

Dapoxetine contributes to the inhibition of PDE5, this step ensures the erection caused does not go away in a few minutes but rather stays for 4 to 5 hours or even more.

How To Take Super FildenaTablet:

  • The way you must take Super Fildena will be equal to any water-soluble tablet.
  • Get a glass of water & gulp the medicine of Super Fildena. Always one tablet at a time, the doctor will never tell you to gulp more than one pill at a time.
  • The idea of chewing, breaking, or crushing must be dropped, only swallowing is allowed.
  • As earlier discussed, it is a water-soluble drug. So, make sure you are far away from using any other drinks like juice, soda or anything with the tablet.
  • The strength and dosage of the drug to be taken should be exactly as given in the prescription.

Benefits of Using Super Fildena:

The biggest benefit of taking Super Fildena is recovery from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This step has solved the miseries of many couples who were earlier on the verge of getting divorced due to Erectile Dysfunction.

One can also find relief in reducing blood pressure for someone who has been constantly been a patient with high blood pressure.

Dosage Of Super Fildena:

Dosage is in itself a quite sensitive medicine. So, do not have fun with the dosage and keep changing it as per your will. Have the dosage that is stated in the prescription. But there may be times when you would feel that the present dosage is not working. In that case, have a discussion with the respective and if the doctor feels the need, then surely, he or she will increase the dosage. But you must never take decisions on your own.

The most known dosage of Super Fildena given to ed patient is 1 pill or 2 pills. 1 pill is given as the initial dosage, then if everything remains okay then it is slightly increased to 2 or 3 pills.


Overdose is a situation that must always be prevented. But if not prevented then treated as soon as possible. It is the result of misinformation or overexcitement to get an even better erection by taking excess strength and dosage. But instead of causing good, it makes you a victim of terrible side effects.

Miss Dose:

Missing dose is the first step toward making the drug less effective. Once you miss any dosage, the rhythm is broken and formed by taking regular and periodic dosages. But if you have missed then take it immediately. But if several hours have passed and the time for the next dose is almost knocking on the door then it is better that you wait for some time, skip the current dose and take the next dose.

Avoid To Take Super Fildena:

  • When the doctor has found you to be allergic to the active ingredient of Super Fildena. Which is either allergic to Sildenafil or to Dapoxetine.
  • When you are in pain from low blood pressure conditions. This is because these ed pills further bring blood pressure down.
  • If you are consuming any other ed treatment currently.

Side Effects of Super Fildena:

  • Inflammation
  • Constipation
  • Red Skin
  • Itching
  • Mental instability

Storage of Super Fildena:

The only things you need to keep in mind while storing Super Fildena are outside temperature, humidity and sunlight exposure. A room with a temperature below 40 degrees Celsius, away from sunlight and low humidity is the best place.

Super Fildena Review:

Super Fildena is one of the most positively rated ED pills. Hence, the confidence of customers is already there due to its majorly no side effect incidents.


Be away from any person who tempts you to violate the prescription. Any benefit achieved from the drug is possible until you follow the prescription. This is a reality, that Ever rings true.


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