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Super Zudena


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Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd


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What is Super Zudena

Super Zudena is an active pill in procuring hard erections for impotent men. Using this medicine is only viable and good for men within the 18 to 64 year age category and those who have ED as well. But there is another compiled benefit of using the medicine. Apart from the ingredients for curing ED, there is one more substance in the medicine itself and that is for curing PE or premature ejaculation.

Thus a better definition for the Super Zudena pills would be the compilation of curing benefits for both ED and PE using a single pill.

What is Super Zudena used for?

Super Zudena is a pill that is used in the case to enable a hard erection as well as delay the time for ejaculation in men suffering from PE.

Super Zudena is one of the new variant pills with one pill being able to cure both disorders. It is essentially a doctor’s recommendation pill and we do not urge men to take the medicine unless they have the doctor’s permission alongside you.


Sunrise Remedies which is one of the most potent and known pharma companies not just in India but also around the world is the manufacturer.

Sunrise Remedies also has many other trade names in the ED market along with curing pills for PE. Super Zudena is one of its new brand names under the ED and PE curing pill forms.


If you check out the composition of the Super Zudena pills UK online or on the backleaf of the prescription you will find it has only two substances.

Udenafil is the first one that is an ED curable agent acting temporarily. Likewise for curing PE you have Dapoxetine in the medicines that help you to recover from ED. we will find out about the dose composition in the later sections.

Super Zudena uses

Super Zudena uses as we told above are for curing both ED and PE with the use of a single pill. But remember it is only during the acting time of the pills will you see the benefits or the functionality of the pill. This is not one of the pills that can help you to recover from the stage of either ED or PE.

A curable option for a Super Zudenapill can be achieved for a period of up to 5 hours since you take a pill.

Working forSuper Zudena

  • Let’s get down with the working actions of Sildenafil first which is the ED curing agent. For curing ED Udenafil dosage will provide the stage of vasodilation in the penis tissues that lets corpus cavernosa tissues in the penis become filled with blood.
  • Along with this you also have the active agent Dapoxetine which works to inhibit the complete reuptake of serotonin in the brain cells.
  • This allows for higher amounts of serotonin eventually in your brain which let you have more control over your ejaculation.

How To Take Super Zudena Tablet

Super Zudena comes in the oral category form. It is thus needless to say that the right method for intake of the pills is to use water to help you swallow the pills.

Benefits of Using Super Zudena

Super Zudena Australia is a pill helping to recover from two of the most concerning disorders these days that is ED and PE and both are using the same pill itself. This is the only prime benefit to why doctors would recommend you to go ahead with this pill brand.

Dosage Of Super Zudena

Now we come to the Super Zudena dosage part where you will get to know about the compositions of both Udenafil and Dapoxetine in individual terms.

So, Zudena is a pill that contains a standard 100mg dose of Sildenafil Citrate. The rest of the dose which is 60mg is that for Dapoxetine itself. The total dose that you have with a single pill is 160mg.


Zudena might cause you an overdose. And for this, either anyone generic ingredient or both could be present in a dose that far exceeds the tolerable amount that your body can cope up to. This will in turn result in side effects.

Miss Dose

Generally, Super Zudena USA is a pill only for those days when you wish to have sex. On other occasions, you may as well proceed to take the dose daily as well but get to know well from your doctor as to which dose schedule fits in right with your body.

Avoid To Take Super Zudena

This medicine is of course not allowable for patients who are either generally allergic to the3 use of either of the two generic ingredients of the medication. Along with this, they may also turn down your prescription if you have existing conditions such as any existing cardiac disorder, nerve disorder, severe diabetes, sudden spikes of high blood pressure, and so on.

Side Effects of Super Zudena

  • Super Zudena side effects can vary depending on how well the patient adjusts to the dose of the pill. Mild other of side effects of the medicine include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, and palpitations.
  • On a higher note of severity level some of the side effects that you may encounter include chest pain, fall in blood pressure, hazy vision, blackouts, fall in hearing capabilities, and so on.

Storage of Super Zudena

Super Zudena storage is good to go at the normal room temperature itself. You will easily be able to store your pills at the normal room temperature itself within a low humid environment.

Super Zudena Review

The Super Zudena reviews of the pill from patients have been super exciting. Most patients are of the view that this pill is a great one to use for people having both ED and PE.


Super Zudena is a combo pill that elevates temporary difficulties in attaining penis hardness or can bring in delayed ejaculation effects thus enhancing your sexual meet.


How long does a dose of Udenafil remain active?

This is a dose that will ideally provide erection benefits for around 5 hours.

Is there any FDA-approved brand for generic Udenafil?

Recently it is not approved by the US FDA.

What are some precautions that you must follow with a dose of any Udenafil brand?

Of course, it is needless to say that you need to give up all the things that may cause side effects and this includes avoiding alcohol and narcotic drugs. Check out your prescription to find out about other precaution measures for you to take.

How to order?

Generic medz is one of the most trusted platforms online from where you can easily order online. Check out attractive discount prices on the website and order your first pack today.


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