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Vidalista CT 20 Mg


Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip


20 Mg

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6 To 15 days

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Overview of Vidalista CT 20 Mg

Men suffer from an intimate disorder known as Erectile Dysfunction which makes them incapable of achieving a good erection. But you must not worry because Vidalista CT 20 Mg is there to make your penis erect again and help you satisfy your sexual pleasures. It is a prescription based that works best under the supervision of the doctor.

What Is Vidalista CT 20 Mg Tablet?

Vidalista CT 20 Mg is a tablet that is available in almost every medical store and online medical site. It is one of the first drugs that doctors consider while prescribing to ED patients due to its super high efficiency and safety from side effects. It comes under the category of drugs known as PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors.


Vidalista CT 20 Mg is made by an Indian drug-making company, Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd. It was established in 2006 in Vadodara, Gujarat but today its products reach markets in more than 30 countries. It is counted among the biggest pharmaceutical players worldwide due to high precision drugs that are the epitome of safety.


The active component of Vidalista CT 20 Mg is Tadalafil, that alone constituted more than 95% of the total composition. The preservatives and catalysts work to complement the work of the active ingredient.

Working on Vidalista CT 20 Mg

The drug Vidalista CT 20 Mg supplies enough blood in the blood vessels of the penis that causes a good erection. To ensure sufficient blood supply in the penile region blood pressure is lowered, cGMP is secreted in excess amounts that make erectile tissues more elastic, and pelvic muscles are relaxed. Besides this PDE5 is restricted which delays ejaculation and thus, keeps the erection last long for 8 to 10 hours.

How To Take Vidalista CT 20 Mg Tablet

  • Swallow the tablets of Vidalista CT 20 Mg with normal water and no other liquid. Using alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, milkshakes, etc must be avoided.
  • The tablets of Vidalista CT 20 Mg must only be swallowed and not be chewed, broken, disintegrated, etc.
  • Take the drug almost an hour before you decided to go for foreplay. The drug works only when the man is sexually stimulated otherwise it remains inactive.
  • You can take the drug either before or after the meal. But don’t take a heavy meal before taking Vidalista CT 20 Mg as it will reduce its impact.

Precaution Taking Before Vidalista CT 20 Tablet

  • The most important precaution that one must follow is to abide by all the instructions of the prescription. Not following it may result in serious side effects, some of which may be fatal.
  • In case of any trouble or confusion ask the doctor only.
  • During the medication of Vidalista CT 20 Mg avoid using any addictive substances as it will reduce its impact.

Benefits of Using Vidalista CT 20 Mg

Hard penis

Using Vidalista CT 20 Mg as per the instruction of the doctor helps men get a hard penis for 8 to 10 hours. This is enough for men to satisfy their partner’s intimate fantasies in bed.

Dosage Of Vidalista CT 20 Mg Missed Dose


Never overdose on Vidalista CT 20 pills as it is against the instructions given in the prescription. But if you have overdosed then go to the doctor immediately as medication within time can help reduce the damage due to side effects.

Miss Dose

Missing the dose makes the drug less effective. If you miss the dose then take the missed dose immediately within 1 or 2 hours. If the next dose is upcoming in less than 1 hour then skip the missed dose. Do not double dose to compensate for the missed dose.

Other Dose


Avoid To Take Vidalista CT 20 Mg

  • Do not take Vidalista CT 20mg if the doctor has not prescribed it to you.
  • Do not take Vidalista CT 20 if you are allergic to Tadalafil, the active ingredient of the drug.
  • Do not take the drug if you are under the medication of another counter ED drug. Using more than one ED pill at a time will lead to overdose.

Side Effects of Vidalista CT 20


You can encounter red patches in some parts of the body. In many cases, these red patches also cause low to moderate itching.

Blurred vision

Taking Vidalista CT 20Mg may lead to you experiencing blurred vision for a few hours. If the vision does not restore in a few hours then go to the doctor.

Storage of Vidalista CT 20 Mg

  • Vidalista CT 20 can be stored at any temperature between 15oC to 40o Do not store the drug in extreme temperatures.
  • The drug must be kept carefully so it does not break.
  • The drug must be kept away from sunlight.
  • The drug must be stored in low to moderate humid areas.

Vidalista CT 20 Mg Review

One can look at the reviews of Vidalista CT 20 Mg on Arrowpills. Do not trust any website as many of them post fake reviews to lure customers. genericmedz on the other hand post only verified reviews of genuine customers.


Vidalista CT 20 Mg is a drug that has the ability to bring back the spice in a relationship by enhancing erection. But this will happen only if you follow the prescription carefully. This is why it is said to be a prescription-based drug.


Is Vidalista CT 20Mg approved by drug regulating agencies?

Vidalista CT 20 Mg is one such drug that has received approvals from not one but multiple drug regulating agencies such as FDA, CDCSO, TGA, PMDA, and many others.

Can we take Vidalista CT 20 with alcohol?

Consumption of Vidalista CT 20 Mg with alcohol is strictly prohibited because it is water-soluble. And as per the prescription one must take it with water only.

Can a kidney patient take Vidalista CT 20Mg?

Any man suffering from kidney disorder must remain away from Vidalista CT 20 Mg or any other ED pill. This is due to the critical nature of the ailment.

Is Vidalista CT 20 effective in curing ED?

The effectiveness of the drug is the reason it is used not only in India but worldwide in more than 30 nations. If you still doubt then read the reviews of Vidalista CT 20 Mg on Arrowpills.

Where to buy Vidalista CT 20 Mg from?

Get Vidalista CT 20 from any reputed medical shop by showing the prescription or you can order it from online stores and receive it at your address.

Can I take Vidalista CT 20 Mg if suffering from depression?

Depression patients are very vulnerable to critical side effects if they take Vidalista CT 20Mg. Hence, it is better to first cure depression and then move to ED treatment.




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