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Men’s Low Testosterone Causes And Symptoms

Men's Low Testosterone Causes And Symptoms

When puberty sets in in a man, it leads to various changes in the body and mind. Such as deepening of the voice, muscles getting tough and stronger, and growth of hair in the face and pubic regions. You can say that overall, the sexual characteristics evolve once puberty sets in. But do these changes occur suddenly after reaching the age of puberty, or does anything fundamental change occur in the body? Yes, a major change occurs inside the body which leads to all the evolvement of sexual characteristics. This happens to the production of testosterone in the testes. Testosterone is also known as the male hormone as it is having benefits much more than just growing sexual characteristics.

After puberty in men, bone density, metabolism, mood, mental health and every aspect of health are directly or indirectly affected by testosterone. Hence, low production of testosterone has serious negative effects on the health of the man. Such men then take Cenforce 100 purple pills and super p force tablets in the USA. The intimate life of such men is the first that takes a hit, resulting in a dissatisfying relationship. If the situation is not treated within time, the issue can elevate to the status that it can lead to divorce or extramarital affairs.

In this article, we shall stress the importance of testosterone and why men develop low testosterone, its symptoms and what are the solutions.

Causes of low testosterone


One of the most common reasons for less production of the male hormone is natural ageing. As you grow the immune system gets weak, muscles and tissues get less flexible, bones become weak, vision is reduced, the digestive system also is not much strong and overall metabolism is in a downtrend. Similarly, the production of testosterone and several other important hormones and enzyme is reduced. There is nothing to worry about when testosterone production is reduced due to ageing. This will happen with everyone with zero exceptions. This is the reason old people have relatively less interest in sexual pleasure than young men who are high levels of testosterone.


Another reason for less production of testosterone is nothing but our own fault. It is none other than obesity, or a high accumulation of fat content in the body. The high-fat content reduces the production of another male hormone, SHBG or sex hormone-binding globulin. SHBG is a protein whose job is to move testosterone in the blood. Hence, due to less SHBG less testosterone comes into the blood, which leads to less sex drive and dissatisfaction in intimate life. So, people who thought that fast food only leads to an increase in weight that can be shredded by going to the gym. It’s not that simple. The food you eat might affect your performance in bed which your wife or girlfriend will surely not like for sure. Hence, if you want to avoid the Vidalista 40 amazon keep a check on the consumption of fast food.

Injury in testes

Sometimes there are things we had to bear even if it was not our mistake. Even low testosterone can exist even if you did nothing wrong. This can happen when you get injured in the testicles by accident or for whatever reasons. Testes are sensitive organs that contain nerves and the whole sexual characteristic of a male is concentrated in the testes. Hence, any damage to the testis is serious and must be reported to the doctor immediately. In case of minor injury, the issue is solvable by regular medication, in some cases surgical operation is necessary. In such cases, no pills for erecting the penis will work, because the main epicentre is damaged.

Autoimmune disease

This is another reason why you did not make any mistake but then also you had to suffer the consequences. Sometimes it happens that your immune system fights foreign harmful bacteria, viruses and microorganisms and stops them from entering the body. But sometimes even our immune system fails and mistakenly attacks healthy cells and tissues. In one such instance, the immune system may attack the testes which may lead to less production of testosterone. This can be diagnosed by the doctor, as it is not possible for people to look closely at their actions. This is why it is said to go to regular check-ups with the doctor.


Reduced sex drive

A man with low testosterone is a man that has a low interest in sex. It is normal when you are old because your partner also does not wants sex in that age. But for a man who is in his 40s or 30s, not getting an adequate sex drive is not a good thing. Your wife or girlfriend will also have to compromise her sexual desires, this can result in conflicts, and a dissatisfied relationship giving you more stress which you surely do not want.

No pills that make generate sex drive, in you. They will only increase the duration of sexual intercourse but that will occur only when you are excited about sex.

Less growth of moustache or beard

The easiest way for men to identify that they are suffering from low testosterone is to observe the growth of facial hair. In situations of less production of testosterone, you will observe that beard and moustache are taking more time to grow after shaving. This is the first sign that something is not good with the male hormone. Or it will lead you to check Cenforce 100 reviews.

Weak muscles and bones

You may feel that your muscles and bones are paining without you doing any highly physical task. This must raise your eyebrows because for a man with full vigour and being in prime age if the pain in muscles and bones becomes common, it is an alarming situation. You may walk for less than 10 minutes and your joints may pain. This is a clear indication of low testosterone levels. Do not let these situations go unnoticed, rather report to the doctor instantly. With regular medication, the strength of bones and muscles will resume along with good performance in bed.